Your Questions About Anonymous Mask

William asks…

How does the group “Anonymous” stay anonymous if they protest in groups?

It seems like it shouldn’t be hard to infiltrate an anonymous mask-wearing group. Are these just naive college kids in over their heads, is the “Church of Scientology” not as dangerous as claimed, or is there something I am missing?

barry0912 answers:

Scientology HAS tried to infiltrate the Anonymous protests. There are discussion threads dedicated to this kind of Scientology tactic at the Anonymous message boards on

Anonymous is not an “organization” as such things are generally understood. It has no structure, no hierarchy, no central leadership. It’s a collection of concerned individuals from all walks of life and from around the world who have come together to protest against the crimes perpetrated by the Church of Scientology.

The CoS certainly IS as dangerous as claimed. There are multitudes of people who have suffered tragic experiences during their involvement with Scientology. Read about them here:

Here are more “bad experiences” with the cult including an illegal plot to infiltrate the government, brainwashing techniques, mind control camps, attacks on critics, and DEATHS caused by Scientology doctrine and members:

● Operation Snow White – Under this official program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, & theft of documents in government offices. This program constituted the single largest infiltration of the United States government in history. Among the 11 prominent Scientologists convicted of this conspiracy was Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of Scientology’s “prophet”.

● Operation Freakout – Their campaign of sabotage & violence against Paulette Cooper, the writer who published her research & findings on several cults, including Scientology. Scientology’s official plan: to frame Paulette, ruin her career & reputation & get her either incarcerated or locked up in psychiatric confinement.
The official plan:
Her book:
More info:

● Fair Game – the Scientology policy detailing how the organization may confront & handle critics & perceived enemies. Here is a direct quote: “Enemies may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” Though they claim this policy is no longer in effect, Scientology still goes to great lengths to bully all known critics, opponents, “enemies”, etc, often through malicious litigation & character assassination, even going so far as to falsely accuse them of crimes.

● Physical & psychological punishment – Scientologists who “break the rules” while members of the “Sea Org” must subject themselves to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), which includes regimes of harsh physical punishment, forced self-confessions, social isolation, hard labor and intensive ideological indoctrination.

● Brainwashing & mind control – Scientology exerts control over its members by means of typical cult tactics, including but not limited to controlling information about internal doctrine & criticism of the organization, severely restricting social contact outside the cult (including the practice of “disconnecting” from family, friends & ex-members who question the credibility & trustworthiness of the cult & are therefore considered “suppressive persons” by Scientology), creating an “us against them” mentality by villainizing a specific out-group (for Scientology, it’s psychiatrists), & claiming all those outside the cult are dangerously unenlightened.

● Tax Fraud – One of the only reasons they enjoy “tax exempt status” on religious ground in the United States is because they bullied the IRS into a “deal” through extremely aggressive barratry (which is the offense of persistently instigating groundless lawsuits) against said government agency and its officials, and arranged to drop all 2,500 frivolous lawsuits only when an “agreement” was reached. In addition, Scientology’s lawyers hired private investigators to dig up any “dirt” on IRS agents which was then used to blackmail or publicly smear all “vulnerable” agents.

● Violent Kidnapping – Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist, was involved in a car accident & resultantly became mentally unstable. She was kidnapped from the hospital by agents of Scientology, held against her will, refused proper psychiatric treatment & allowed to STARVE TO DEATH.
News Coverage:

● Tragic Murder – A CBS “48 Hours” special on Jeremy Perkins, the mentally disturbed son of Scientologist parents who, because of the Scientology doctrine of opposing psychiatry, refused to put him on the anti-psychotic drugs that would have stabilized him & prevented him from killing his own mother.
CBS article:

James asks…

Does using a Guy Fawkes mask as your avatar indicate homosexual leanings?

If a person uses a Guy Fawkes mask as an avatar, calls herself “Anonymous,” and asks a lot of gay troll questions, does that mean she is gay, or is she just a confused bi-sexual?

barry0912 answers:

There is no certainty in assuming she is either. She could also be a heterosexual into BDSM or latex, or she could be just a regular zoophiliac. Using a Guy Fawkes mask in any manner at all does not denote any specific sexual behavior.
Wearing black clothes does not mean you belong to the Addams family, does it now?

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