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Betty asks…

How Internet affects positive and negative way in the ecomomy nowadays ?

Hello I have to make a presentation for my oral comunication on wednesday and I am planning on doing about How Internet affects to the global economy in good and bad way, so I want to explain with some poimts for example one positive way it can be companies spend less money in marketing publishing on Internet or I am not sure but I think Internet business do not pay taxes and affects the economy (US) Ok thank you for helping

barry0912 answers:

The internet, overall has had a profoundly negative effect on the economy. It has completely obliterated entire industries, transmuted others to mere shadows of their former selves (classified ad industry), It has enabled mass outsourcing to occur. It has created a variety of new, unstable industries that rise and fall, here one day, gone the next. Truly, the list of its detrimental effects is too exhaustive to go into here. It’s trend of devaluing nearly everything it comes in contact with is the primary cause of our current ‘depression’. It causes people to go out less, interact without speaking more often, and waste time surfing and ‘wanking’ to free porn sites.

Positively, it has made things more convenient, fast and immediate. Money transfers, information access have enabled tasks and jobs to be done quicker. The influx of free information and media has resulted in new technological innovations and experiences that, prior to it, would have to have been paid for. It allows people to find answers to questions immediately and spend less time on directions.

But, in terms of the economy, there is not really any good news to report.

Donna asks…

What is the Voip Market Size in North America?

What is the Voip Market Size in North America in dollars and number of subscribers. What is the expected growth?

barry0912 answers: has some information about the US Broadband Market’s expected jump from the current 10.3 million users to a whopping 44 million users by 2010:

If you’re looking for US + Canada + Mexico numbers, I think you’ll have to cobble together the information from several different sources.

The Internet World Stats blog has some global numbers that may be useful toward that end, but your first stop should probably be the FCC’s statistical reports page; here are the links:
Internet World Stats:
FCC statistics:

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Dog face clip art

Of course when I first started playing games parents and relatives would just tell me that games were bad and there were several negative effects of video games. But to be very frank back in 1995 not many could answer a straightforward question like What on earth is the harm in taking part in Video clip Games anyway
So are there any unfavorable results of Videogames Really should we simply get many of the video games actually built and dump them right into a canal Clearly as someone that has long been taking part in video clip games for the previous 13 decades it would be only best suited for me to put down the destructive consequences of video games that Ive professional. Apart from the common physical detrimental effects you examine all over the place let me elaborate in the psychological harmful consequences and only someone who may be taking part in video games can notify that to you.
Bad Impact of Video clip Video games 1- Get yourself a intriguing recreation like say Marvel- Ultimate Alliance or Diablo or Dungeon Siege therefore you will acquire yourself looking to run by means of your total get the job done day and obtain back again on your console or home pc to perform or go on enjoying the sport. Dog face clip art For this reason not simply are you currently enjoying the sport even while that you are playing the game youre playing the sport even when you dont seem to be taking part in it.
Negative Result of Video clip Video games two – All which you hear about gamers remaining alot more violent than non-gamers I simply cannot say it using this method or that but right here I will need to tell you certainly one of my experiences. Well before I applied to perform video games anytime I made use of being caught in the page views jam Id just pout shrug and glance approximately the sky as if a magic bridge would occur down for me to complete the journey. And following I have played video games like Will need for Velocity together with other racing games I do get that momentary fleeting notion that I can just rev up my motor and road rage through the whole site visitors. There youve got it and you also can quote me on this 1.
These are generally aside from the various other scenarios you encounter like insomnia sleeplessness with the night time drowsiness in the day when youre a dedicated gamer.
The destructive outcomes of gaming will not be just confined in your psychological and bodily frame. Here are the other facets of ones daily life and occupation just where video games can and will have a very bad effect.
Destructive Result of Video clip Video games three- With any recreation value at a minimum 10 a pop imagine in regards to the volume of money you are paying for the video games. And dont tell me you dont purchase a recreation every month. I tell that to myself just about every month and all I get is often a grin. And aside from the original price believe with regards to the subscription expenses you shell out in when you are into MMORPGs. Of course you will discover no cost MMORPGs attainable but truly serious players tend not to wish to play alongside gold hounding Koreans dont we
Bad Influence of Video Games four – When you question a laptop or computer whom you would like to inflict physical hurt to likelihood would be the desktop computer will stage a trembling finger in direction of their owners. Along with the position will get even worse if you use non-genuine copies of laptop or computer games with your machine. Non real computer software is simply not great for your personal device but then who can take their eyes away from those peddlers who advertise two or maybe three games for 10 when in the event you go to the shop you can get each and every video game for 100
Youll uncover other article content all over the web heading on about the carpal tunnel syndrome and ruined posture and backpain associated to gaming but these are typically just many of the other damaging elements of video games that need to not be overlooked. I myself have written about Video Recreation Violence – Effects of Violent Video Games Dog face clip art With the advent of internet sites like YouTube movie blogging is becoming increasingly popular. Its the next step for an individual already comfortable with conventional blogging as well as an interesting new way to blog for anyone unfamiliar with writing about their own blog.
There exists a saying that a picture may be worth a thousand words. If thats so then a video may be valued at a thousand pictures. Blog owners are using video to enhance their expression. By way of images and new music bloggers can now create the precise mood required to express their opinions. For some bloggers this might mean adding video clips created by other creators to their web site. Persons it may mean generating their own videos.
Movie blogging requires far more resources than typical blogging.