Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

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Jenny asks…

What are jobs that involve the stock market?

Just wondering what other jobs I could do, I am currently a college freshman and extremely interested in the stock market, what jobs mainly focus on the stock market?

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barry0912 answers:

Kick ass answer above
some amazing stockbrokers here are high school dropouts
there is no need to take investments101 coz u can learn everything like i did, from the internet and experience.
However, if you want to be an investor, u shud take some business subjects so can better predict the firms and markets. Economics is also a good subject to study markets

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John asks…

What kinds of internet jobs can you get to earn a decent living?

I’ve heard these days you can get an internet job and earn a decent living as if you were working for a business with a college degree. If that’s true what kinds of jobs would there be? I’ve heard of survey taking but that doesn’t interest me.

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barry0912 answers:

I make a nice bit on the side doing some programming work. Stock development is a great way to get started (and perhaps draw in some freelance work).

I’ve also heard success stories of people translating online, but that market is very over-saturated and you’ll need to have a proper degree in a foreign language.

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