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John asks…

Streaming movies for iPad?

Ok, so i know there are many websites (megavideo, putlocker, etc) but that doesn’t work with an ipad. i don’t have a laptop so that’s out of question. The only website i can stream from from my ipad is gorillavid, but it’s not complete. I also tried but it’s not complete either. takes SUPER long to load. PLEASE HELP !
@luke i would pay, but it’s just that my parents doesn’t like the process of it with the credit card number being on the internet. I’m anythung but tight, everything i buy ie the most high quality and expensive, and i’m sorta a bratt. i will not be called a cheapo or anything, i can bet anything that i spend more then you (i have all apple products, iphone 3gs, iphone 5, ipad, macbook pro i7, etc) so just stfu

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barry0912 answers:

If you download Frash ( Adobe Flash Installer ) you can watch every flash enabled movie site:

Can you answer mine please:;_ylt=AlKX1wzbCv0hnh53JtH4RgUhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20130117094249AAarZAS thanks

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Helen asks…

Watch TV on my computer?

Is there a site I can watch live TV on my lap top (MAC BOOK PRO) or my iPad? I do not currently have TV network, just WIFI connection. I’ve tried many sites and they don’t work on macs, also I want something that I can watch a variety of TV Channels. Thank you in advanced!

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barry0912 answers:

My three favorite sites are as follows and in order

Europe sites are far superior. Each of these sites will give you multiple links for shows.
My favorite links are gorillavid (fast and reliable) putlocker(not as fast but reliable) and allmyvideos(great but time limit like the now closed megavideo)

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