Your Questions About Title Loans

Sandra asks…

What is he catch to title loans on an automobile?

barry0912 answers:

Stay away from them. Loans are in excess of 50%. And before you know it the loan sharks will have your car. I would suggest that what ever it is that you want so bad, that you try and hold out until you get some money. They are predatory lenders.

Chris asks…

Can military spouses have title loans?

I’m a military spouse and I have a title loan. I’ve now heard that this may be illegal and the contract would become null in void. Is this true?
they only asked if i was an active member not a spouse. and the manager and I would often have conversations about my wife who is active duty so he definitely knew

barry0912 answers:

When you made the title loan they were supposed to ask you if you were in the military?
You mean to tell me they didn’t?
Then the contract is null and void.
By law, they must ask this.
Did you sign a contract?
Do you remember checking off a box that asked if you were in the milatary or a family member?

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Your Questions About Anonymous Text

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Donald asks…

What is a website aimed at females that provides anonymous text messaging?

There is a specific website I have in mind, but I forgot the name of it (I think it may have the word “safe” in it). The website is for females who want to text message a guy who had given them his number, but do not want to reveal their own phone number in the process. Does anyone know what website I am talking about?
Edit: To reiterate, I am not looking for an alternative solution. I am looking for the name of this specific website.

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barry0912 answers:

Go to a chatroom and ask, the people there know that kind of stuff.

You can set your cellphone to unknown. This is done from setup>network

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Laura asks…

Is it possible to track an anonymous text message on a track phone or cingular go phone?

I am having harrassing phone calls and text messages by a blocked private caller. Is it possible to find out who is sending these messages?

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barry0912 answers:

By law the cellphone company cannot give any information when a user dials *67. If you call and ask them they will not release any information. If they do, they will get fined by the Fcc…….. The only time they can give information is if the police gets involved. But you must record the harrasing conversations and give it to the police. My best tip would be to not answer the private calls or to change your number.

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