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Lisa asks…

What would be the consequences for Wikipedia if government officials received anonymous tips in the mail?

Many government officials (state departments of education, federal legislators, senior FBI officials, White House officials, etc.) are likely unaware of the volume of objectionable pornography that is hosted on Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) servers. This content is funded by tax-deductible money, taken in by the tax-exempt host. What do you think would happen if 50 or 100 brief letters with graphic photographs from WMF servers, including traffic statistics, were delivered anonymously by mail to these types of high-ranking officials?

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barry0912 answers:

The government would immediately shut down Wikipedia, raid the Wikipedia offices and servers and look for all of the pornographic material, and then prosecute all of the officials in the Wikimedia Foundation who allowed the porn to be uploaded. Then, they’d subpoena all the IP information and e-mail addresses of anyone who ever uploaded porn to Wikipedia, and go after the individuals separately.

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Michael asks…

What can I do to make my website totally anonymous from lawyers trying to sue me ?

I am planning on creating an adult website. With everyone sueing everyone these days for the silliest of reasons I want protect myself. If you morally against adult websites please don’t bother to reply to my question.

I FULLY understand that my website content has to be legal. I do not want to make this a “content” question.

I also know that I can register my website url so that my contact information is not displayed. I can also make sure I don’t have a “contact us” page on the website.

How can I make myself “invisible” to lawyers if somebody wants to sue me. Ideally I’d like the lawyer to say to their client
“we cannot find this guy. We do not know which address to serve him”.

Also, one level deeper in that what if the authorities force the hosting company or registering companies to divulge my information. How can I prevent getting found out that way ? What about my ip address ?


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barry0912 answers:

You would have to create another identity to do that. If you plan on making money from it anyway. . . If the site will be a hobby, you can do it without one, by using a free server and a spoofer. When you pay for hosting, a domain name, recieve membership payments, etc.etc. That money leaves a trail. Just make the trail end with a non existant person. I am not telling you to steal someone’s identity. . . Just make someone up. It’s harder than it sounds, but easier than you think. if you have anymore questions. . . . If you will let me know what you are wanting to do, I can probably help more.

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