Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Ruth asks…

What can I do with a graphic design degree?

I am a married woman, and so I only have a few colleges to chose from that are near my home that I can afford. That said, I am considering majoring in Graphic Design, with a concentration in Digital Art, but I am not sure what I can do with the degree once I get it. Can anybody give me some information on jobs available for somebody who majors in Graphic Design and if it is hard to find jobs. I live in South Carolina, and I don’t want to move. I live in a small town sandwiched between two pretty big cities, Spartanburg and Greenville. Would there be jobs available in this area?

barry0912 answers:

The advertising business employs graphic artists, which there would be a market for anywhere that there are customers. Nowadays you could even do it remotely through the Internet. Books and magazines can use graphic artists, which means you could be employed by a publisher.

Thomas asks…

Do you have any recommendations for a course in online marketing?

I would like to take a course in online marketing. I already have a degree in traditional marketing, which I earned prior to the popularity of the internet. Are there any certifications I should be looking for?

barry0912 answers:

Certificates for what ? Online marketing you want to learn do be able to apply the strategies/techniques on your own business?

My recommendation is this:

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Sandra asks…

Can anyone help me create a script? I need a countdown timer automatically resets after 3 hours at my website?


I am looking for anyone out there willing to help me create a free script that I can upload using FileZilla to my website. This script has to be a digital countdown timer widget that resets itself after 3 hours. Please help me to create this script as I really need it for my internet marketing business. Thanks!

barry0912 answers:

And you want it for FREE… Because you really need it for your internet marketing BUSINESS.

Here you can find several countdown scripts:

If they don’t work for you out-of-the-box, and you want someone to adjust it for you, try offering at least 5 dollars for the job on a site like 5dollargigs :/

Nancy asks…

What carrier should I choose SEO or coding ?

I have the knowledge of coding as well as SEO.But I am unable to decide what to choose as my carrier.
I am pursing B.Tech(CSE) ,I am good at coding and my analytical skills are also good.
I have done SEO certification also.And I have a lot of knowledge of Internet marketing also.
What carrier should I choose and why ?

barry0912 answers:

In freelancing site job is not more impotent. More impotent is your skill. So I request to you first you have to become skilled in one sector.Then do that . Otherwise I honestly suggest you coding is more demanded than SEO.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Michael asks…

What’s a good IT certification to get?

I currently have a two-year degree in Internet Marketing but I am looking to branch out my qualifications a bit to make myself more marketable to potential employers. While I haven’t given up on the idea of obtaining an ‘internet marketing‘ related job, I was specifically thinking of racking up a few industry certifications to try and get more into IT and the like. Currently I am thinking of Cisco CCNA and possibly MCSA. I am wondering however if these might be worth it and/or if there are other ones I should be looking at right now.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

barry0912 answers:

As someone who not only hires Network admins , computer tech and the like . Let me if I may give you a bit of advice . Seriously 90% of the kids that send resumes to me having CCNA and the like do not last the 90 day probation period . Why you ask . Simple they have all the class room training in the world but lack that hands on experience or the ability to think on their feet . Yahoo answers is a great place to see this . 99% of the answers I see given here from so called experts are so off base My gut ends up hurting from reading them and laughing . In short get the experience and don’t just rely on certifications if you want to last in the IT field

Paul asks…

HELP! need help finding an accredited affordable distance learning community college?

I’m currently searching for an online college but wish to attend a more traditional brick school later because i travel and work. I’m also looking for courses in science and business administration/ internet marketing. also i do not wish to attend schools like UOP/KAPLAN you know scams. (i qualified for finacial aid and got a grant because im broke) oh yeah and i don’t have a degree thanks.

barry0912 answers:

Here’s a list of colleges offering Online Bachelor of Business Administration degrees:

If you are looking for an Online BBA degree or similar, take a look at some of these online programs:

1. Amberton University
2. American Intercontinental University
3. American Military University
4. Andrew Jackson University
5. Antioch University
6. Atlantic Union College
7. Baker College
8. Bellevue University
9. Bemidji State University
10. Caldwell College
11. California State University – Fresno
12. Capella University
13. Central Michigan University
14. Champlain College
15. Charter Oak State College
16. Christopher Newport University
17. City University
18. Columbia College of Missouri
19. Columbia Union College
20. Corbon College
21. Dallas Baptist University
22. East Carolina University
23. Eastern Oregon University
24. Empire State College
25. Excelsior College
26. Fisher College
27. Fort Hays State University
28. Franklin University
29. Governors State University
30. Granite State College
31. Griggs University
32. Indiana State University
33. Jones International University
34. Judson College
35. Kansas State University
36. Kaplan College
37. Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University
38. Kettering University
39. Liberty University
40. Limestone College
41. Mary Baldwin College
42. Mercy College
43. Mountain State University
44. Murray State University
45. Myers University
46. National-Louis University
47. Northcentral University
48. Northeastern Illinois University
49. Northwest Missouri State University
50. Northwood University
51. Nova Southeastern University
52. Ohio University
53. Old Dominion University
54. Oral Roberts University
55. Park University
56. Prescott College
57. Regis University
58. Rochester Institute of Technology
59. Roger Williams University
60. Rogers State University
61. Saint Joseph’s College
62. Saint Mary of the Woods College
63. Southern Christian University
64. Southern New Hampshire University
65. Stephens College
66. Strayer University
67. Tennessee Board of Regents
68. Thomas Edison State College
69. Touro University International
70. University of Alabama
71. University of Baltimore
72. University of Maryland UC
73. University of Massachusetts – Amherst
74. University of Massachusetts – Lowell
75. University of Memphis
76. University of Northwestern Ohio
77. University of Phoenix
78. University of Saint Francis
79. University of Wisconsin – Platteville
80. University of Wyoming
81. Upper Iowa University
82. Walden University
83. Washington State University
84. Western Governors University

I hope that helps!

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