Your Questions About Low Cost Health Insurance

Chris asks…

Looking for low cost health insurance for middle income women.Any ideas?

My husband job provides health insurance, but it is too expensive for us. I currently have my children on an income based program with Kaiser. Does anyone know of such programs for women?
By the way I live i California.

barry0912 answers:

There are no such programs specifically for women.

Contact a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can work with you to find the best plan for your situation and budget. There is no extra charge using an agent.

Thomas asks…

Low cost health insurance, where can I find some?

I am able to squeeze 150 dollars out of our family budget for a monthly health insurance. I would like to be able to choose a doctor. I live in Florida. I’d like any help and information.

barry0912 answers:

Hi, how are you? My mother’s name is Sara[h].

I know of an affordable program that may help you and your family. It’s “discount” program for dental and medical needs with savings up to 80% for under $40.00/ month.

This includes dental, prescription, vision, medical and chiropractic services.

Check out the web site below for more details you can also look for a list of providers in your area via the web site.


I wish the best for you and your family.

Take care,

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Your Questions About Title Insurance

Richard asks…

Is Title Insurance required for a private sale of a home?

We are refinancing our home (Long Island , New York) and and open permit showed up on the title from 60 years ago! This never came up when my parents bought the house in 1977, but it was a private sale. It also never came up in 2001 when the home was transferred over to me. I should also mention that we used the same lawyer for both transactions. I am wondering if title insurance is only required by mortgage banks or if it a legal requirement for any sale of a home.


barry0912 answers:

Title insurance is never required. I always get it, I have had to use it and it is dirt cheap.

However, this will now come up in any title search, which lenders will require.

You need to get it taken care of. It is just a permit, not a big deal. Whatever was built only has to pass an inspection by the code when it was issued.

Mark asks…

Anyone know about a class action in Texas regarding title insurance?

I have some rental properties in Texas and I have had to (over)pay for title insurance. I have always heard that a lot of kickbacks were paid by the title insurance companies to banks and mortgage brokers. Anybody else hear about this?

barry0912 answers:

I sure haven’t heard of it, and I would have noticed, I’d think, being in Texas myself.

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Your Questions About Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

Donald asks…

Are there any low cost vets in Los Angeles?

I’ve taken in a stray kitten into my care and it was fine the first two weeks and as of a few days ago he has begin to show symptoms of illness which need vaccinations. I’m 15 and have no hefty flow of money coming my way and my parents are not willing to spend money on pet visits. However, I refuse to just let him die. Is there any free or low cost vaccination centers in the Los Angeles area? Please, any help would b appreaciated!
In the past few days he has exhibited:
-weight loss
-decreased appetite
-depessive sleep
-Loss of interest in toys.

barry0912 answers:

I found this. It is a list of clinics. Most seem to be spay/neuter but I am sure they do other things.
Please get the kitty somewhere fast, fast, fast.
Good luck

Sandy asks…

Pet Vaccinations near Temple, tx?

Trying to get my puppy vaccinated but trying to find low cost places…i know sometimes animal shelters and stuff have certain days of the month and locations for these wondering if anyone knows of any soon?
and what vaccinations might i need for a 9-12 week puppy?

barry0912 answers:

There is a vaccination clinic on Saturday November 15th at the Temple PetCo from 9am to 10.30am. The Temple PetCo is located at 2112 SWHK Dedgen Loop. Their phone number is 254-770-1333. Hope this helps.

Oh by the way here is a great site that will answer more of your questions. Http://

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Your Questions About Low Cost Dental Insurance

Robert asks…

I don’t have dental insurance. Are there any resources that I can look into for low cost dental care?

I am looking for an actual “low costdental or medical healthcare insurance plan and NOT a “discounted” dental care service such as the AmeriPlan services. I am in need of oral surgery and possibly a couple dental implants or bridge work, which of course is very expensive. Can anyone help me by providing a list of beneficial information? I promise you that your feedback is highly appreciated…..thanks!

barry0912 answers:

As a dentist I recommend calling your counties local Department of Family and Childrens Services. A lot of these services actually have a dentist on staff that is available to help with any dental procedures you may need. If your county DFCS office does not provide any type of dental services they should be able to put you into contact with someone who will be able to assist you (ex: another state agency). Also try your local dental school if there is one around you, these procedures are usually provided and are very low in cost compared to a dental office itself. Good luck and I hope you find the help you need.

Sharon asks…

I am looking for low cost dental and vision insurance. Currently reside in Georgia and wanted to know if any?

Was looking at Humana but wanted to find out what other companies were out there. If you can please tell me why you chose the company you are currently with.

barry0912 answers:

I used to have dental insurance, but canceled when I signed for this discount program. It gave me almost 50% to 80% off regular dental stuff which is about what I would pay even if I had insurance.. But I don’t have to pay the $50 a month for the insurance. It’s 20 bucks, and it gives me dental coverage, vision, prescription and chiropractic. And it’s 20 bucks for anyone living in my house. My roommate (who is not related to me) gets the same discount on her stuff. If you sign up today, you can go the Dr. Tomorrow, no limits, no deductible. You just pay whatever your discount is.

It’s great. click on dental plus.

You can search for a dentist in your area, and then at the top hit join now. Register with the site, and you’re good to go! Good Luck!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Carol asks…

What can I expect if I major in marketing?

What I’m wondering is if I get a bachelor’s in marketing will I have to work in sales as an entry level position? I believe that I’m a very creative person, and I like to work with ideas so I’m majoring in marketing. I know that what I really want to do is advertising but I don’t want to major in that because I feel that it may be too narrow, not sure though. I hate the idea of cold calling or trying to pitch a product, I did it for a while and hated it.

barry0912 answers:

Right now the Internet marketing industry is booming. Especially in the social media side. The way I look at it, if you can help companies build revenue online, then you will always be an asset.

Forget about degrees though, school wont be able to teach you what you need to know because the Internet will change before the class is over.

Not saying you shouldn’t get a degree, it will help… But in the end personal experience will always be more important with this.

Susan asks…

What type of job would I be looking at majoring in Marketing Management?

I’m considering majoring in Marketing Management. I’d like to know what type of job I’d have after graduating, its salary, etc., My focus would be on the gaming industry or the internet industry either which I could care less. All inputs would be great. Also, would marketing management prepare me faster as a ‘Marketing Manager’ than to say if I was just to major in Marketing?

barry0912 answers:

You could use that degree to make a fortune in pharma sales. Especially if you minored in chem, and possibly communications.

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