Your Questions About Title Loans

James asks…

Need cash urgently want to use car as collateral or car title loans in toronto ?

barry0912 answers:

With proof of income and a good credit rating you should be able to walk into any bank and get started on the paperwork right away.

With a poor credit rating and proof of income, you may be able to get one from any “Pay day loan” places although the fees and interest are absolutely atrocious.

With no income, regardless of your credit score your options are to either find someone to cosign for you who has a good credit score and income, or borrow money from friends/family

Steven asks…

How would an online title loan company know if my car is broke?

Has anyone ever used TURBO TITLE LOANS? It says they need a car title and a key. If it is online How do they get my car title and key? Also would they no if my car was broken? How?

barry0912 answers:

Title loan places are to be avoided at all costs. They will want to see the car.

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Your Questions About Title Loans

Laura asks…

Car title loans.What is the average interest rate & what risks are involved?

Is this another form of preditory lending?

barry0912 answers:

Title loan lenders are able to charge triple digit annual percentage rates (APRs).
Your car can be repossessed. Very bad deal. Yes, it is a form of predatory lending.Read this:…


Michael asks…

how is it that loan sharking has become legal through loan car title loans?

not too long ago it was illegal for a businessman to loan a person money and want large percentage back for that loan, IT WAS ILEGAL! It was LOANSHARKING so why is it legal now what happen to United Stated morals

barry0912 answers:

Payday, cash advance, car title loans. All are the same crap.
And I don’t know either how they are getting away with it. They all need to be shut down.

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Your Questions About Title Max

Donald asks…

is it ok to ask two questions of different subjects ,in one single title for avoiding max limit ?

or it is a mis use ,or smartness ,or need ?
And what about for those ,who ask more than two and three of different types belonging to a near category .

barry0912 answers:

No, respect the process.

Linda asks…

What is the average interest rate when you pawn in your car title?

Such as a title max

barry0912 answers:

These guys are absolute crooks. You’ll pay 25 dollars in interest per 100 dollars borrowed every thirty days. Interest only of course, you never pay down the principal. Do the math and thats 25% per month or 25 x 12 = 300%APR. Just ridiculous. I can’t imagine any situation where paying that kind of interest is a good move. It’ll only put you further in debt, and you’ll end up losing your car. Most people don’t understand what they’re getting into. It’s predatory lending at its worst.

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Your Questions About Title Loans

Ken asks…

will a quick title place like missouri title loans be able to get it for me?

i bought my cousins pick-up and they can’t find the title both are disabled one by psiatica and one mentally becausse she too lazy to get up off her 300lb fat *ss and walk.
correction to question : will a quick title place like missouri title loans be able to get the title for me?

barry0912 answers:

Get what for you?

Chris asks…

what do you thik of car title loans if kept SMALL?

I know a lot of ppl warn against them and interest if very high. However I can probably get 2 grand for my car and I do have a good paying SECURE job . So what if they offer me a loan for 2 grand , I say “i just want $500 so I can pay it off RIGHT AWAY”…is that pretty safe?? I just have some extra legal expenses this month.

barry0912 answers:

There is nothing good about getting a car title loan. If, as you say, your job is secure and good paying, just pay the bill from your next paycheck.

It’s never a good idea to borrow to pay debt. It becomes a vicious cycle that gets worse every time you do it.

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Your Questions About Title Loans

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Lizzie asks…

Anyone know City Loan Long Beach car title loans company?

I’m in desparate for money. I searched around and found this company which offers car title loans. They have pretty good reviews, but I want to know if anybody has dealt with them before?


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barry0912 answers:

City Loan Long Beach a legit business and seems to have a good customer service since they are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. In their BBB profile, it says that they have only 11 complaints for the last 3 years, which is a very low rate for car title loans industry (their main competitor has 147 complaints!).

I hope this help!

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Michael asks…

Are title loans illegal in wisconsin?

Hi my wife took out a title loan at the end of march and has recently lost her job I was looking into the wisconsin title loan thing because there threatning to take her car. But isnt it illegal in wisconsin as of the first of the year to give out title loans ? What can I do ?

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barry0912 answers:

Actually it was illegal as of December 1.


I’d suggest that you call the Department of Financial Institutions at (608) 261-9555. They regulate payday loans and probably used to regulate title loans before they were banned.

If that’s not successful, you might try calling your state senator or representative. If you don’t know who they are, you can call your public library and ask a reference librarian.

Another possible source of help would be your police or sheriff’s department consumer fraud division.

If nothing else works, someone at your bank or credit union (preferably) might be able to help you.

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Your Questions About Title Loans

David asks…

How do title loans work? What is the usual time frame for repayment?

barry0912 answers:

A car title loan is a glorified pay day loan with outrageous interest and little benefit to the borrower. The lender will hold your car title with a document that automatically forfeits your vehicle to the lender in case of default on the loan without the usually unpleasantries involved in collecting a debt.

You have to keep the vehicle insured and sometimes you have to leave it with the lender in their safekeeping.

You will pay a tremendous amount of interest, sometimes disguised as a processing fee or storage fee, and the turn around time for repayment is usually 30 days or less. Often from pay period to pay period. The kicker is the loan can be renewed and in so doing you are charged everything all over again.

Some of these loans have APRs of over 435%. So beware and if you need a small loan desperately, try every alternative you can before resorting to the payday/title sharks.

Daniel asks…

In order to get a loan with loanmax title loans, do i need to have my car already paid?

I am still paying my car so I don’t know if I can still get a loan with them.

barry0912 answers:


Most of them charge between 600% and 800% interest. This industry is a complete rip off and you will lose your butt if you do business with them.


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