Your Questions About Anonymous Movie

George asks…

anonymous movie credits?

What is the name that is mostly used in movie credits by actors/directors when they can’t or don’t want to use their own name?
allright… rereading my own question, I am a bit baffled as to how an actor would remain anonymous and use the Alan Smithee name

barry0912 answers:

When a director decides to take his or her name off a film, it is called an Alan Smithee film. Interestingly, there was a movie in 1997 called An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn. It ended up actually being an Alan Smithee film when Arthur Hiller took his name off the project.

When an actor can’t or won’t use her/his own name, s/he will either simply not appear in the credits at all or will use a pseudonym. In The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Robin Williams played the King of the Moon, but was billed as Ray D. Tutto (a play on his line, “I’m sorry. You must address me by my full title: King of Everything. Rei di Tutto – but you may call me Ray. ”

I’ve never heard of a case where an actor remained on a project against her/his will to the degree that s/he wanted her/his name removed from the film.

Michael asks…

In relation with anonymous, does any one else think V for Vendetta was an excellent movie?

I mean it fits perfectly with what is happening politically right now!!

barry0912 answers:

It is absolutely an excellent film. I concur 100%

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Your Questions About Anonymous Twitter

Lisa asks…

If someone did anonymous sexual harassment via twitter… could he get caught?

I live in South Korea and some guy who claims to live in the US, and he sent me tweets with sexual remarks like “I like the curve of your arm, your breasts, hair, arms draw me to love you” Could I have him arrested somehow?
Are there incidents where people have been caught for online sexual harassments?

barry0912 answers:

Yes, you can call the Cyber Crimes division of Interpol. They’ll put out a warrant for his arrest and the authorities in the U.S. Will be forced to arrest him.

Good luck 🙂

Carol asks…

Is it possible to make a completely anonymous website?

I would like to develop a website, so I need a domain name and hosting space. But I would like to remain completely anonymous. Is this possible? What about for gmail, facebook, and twitter?

barry0912 answers:

Yes, you need a web host offering PRIVATE REGISTRATION for its domains.

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Hope This Helps.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Donna asks…


What is it? how can use it? Im a REALTOR in San Antonio TX where do i go or what do i do to do this?

barry0912 answers:

This is from wikipedia…
“E-marketing is a type of marketing that can be defined as achieving objectives through the use of electronic communications technology such as Internet, e-mail, Ebooks, database, and mobile phone. It is a more general term than online marketing which is limited to the use of internet technology to attain marketing objectives.”

I would say everything from generating an e-newsletter (automatically sending them real estate news for your area or your business weekly or monthly, for example) to optimising your site for search engines to paid search engine ads to internet radio advertising would all be ways of e-marketing to prospective clients. And there are many more.

If you are thinking about marketing your real estate site (assuming you have one), online marketing & search engine optimization would be a good idea. Online marketing would take a long time to explain here. If you are interested in doing it yourself, check out (that’s where I started several years ago & is still a good source of info). If you are looking for a professional web marketing solution, look around but be careful as there are many shady marketing companies out there (look for testimonials)… Or call us.


Lisa asks…

the characteristics of e-marketing tools?

barry0912 answers:

Did you know there are now over 1 Billion Internet users around
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Many have attained a level of personal and financial freedom,
rarely experienced this side of a Bill Gates’s luncheon.

Along the way many of these marketers and ordinary people have
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Your Questions About Title Insurance

Steven asks…

How do you change a property deed and how does it effect title insurance?


I purchased a piece of land last year in my name. Now my husband and I are going to get a loan to build a house on this land. If the loan is joint does his name need to be on the deed? And if so, how does it effect title insurance and how do I go about making this adjustments in a timely fashion?

barry0912 answers:

The simplest approach to this, is to re-deed the property as part of the closing process. I am not sure which state you live in, so title insurance may be optional in your State, but I will assume that you are going to re-insure.

If you wish to purchase title insurance, your title agent will perform a title search. Tell him/her immediately, if you plan to add your husband to the deed, or if you intend to retain sole ownership. In most states, you can do either. Your lender may have specific requirements, and you must let the lender decide what he/she wants to happen. If this is your husband’s homestead (if this is his primary residence) it is likely that your lender will demand that your husband take title jointly with you. You can do this even if your lender does not require this.

At closing, your title agent or closer will have you execute what is called a quit claim. What this means is that you quit claim to your property as an individual, and sign the property over to yourself, and to your husband as having joint ownership. The likely wording on the new deed will be Mrs. X and Mr. X as having joint ownership. This will mean that your husband now has joint ownership of the property, and all legal rights which are attached to it. That means that the property cannot be sold or refinanced without his consent. The title agent will then record the quit claim deed, immediately followed by the new mortgage and any other recordable documents. From then on, you and your husband will own the property jointly, and will be equally responsible for the Mortgage.

Now, to the question of title insurance. This action will have zero affect on title insurance. You will be issued a new policy which covers the time between the issue date of the original title policy and the recording date of the new policy. Your name will appear on the new title policy exactly how it is shown on the deed and mortgage. You will have to pay for a new title policy, as your previous policy will not cover anything that has happened after your purchase or previous refinance.

Daniel asks…

Which company deals with indemnity title insurance for remortgaging?

I want to remortgage my property and have been given an offer by a lender, however I can’t complete without indemnity title insurance.
Norwich Union no longer does title insurance due to the credit crunch, is there anyone else who can help me?

barry0912 answers:

Call a couple of escrow companies. They should know who does title insurance.

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Your Questions About Title Nine

Helen asks…

Title Nine’s Frog Bra?

Tell me about your experiences with it.
From sizing, to trying it out, whatever.

Does it really work for squishing? LOL.
Yeah…I have some pretty big boobs.
It’s okay if they aren’t completely flat, this is my first D:


barry0912 answers:

I’ve never used it, mostly because from what I’ve heard my breasts are too large to be bound by it. I’d recommend one of Underwork’s binders instead, depending on breast size.

I’ve got a link to some binder reviews which might help out some, and my blog post on binding. Good luck!

James asks…

in lord of the flies what does chapter nine “a view to a death” title mean?

what does the chapter title mean?

barry0912 answers:

Well, I don’t know what context you want it in but this is my interpretation. I hope it helps in some way! 🙂 Although this is all thought of off the top of my head so sorry if it is disjointed or just absolute rubbish!

‘A view to a death’ sounds quite distant and cold. The word ‘view’ is used to show how we, the readers, are looking at this murder from the outside. This is similar to how the boys, who have descended into savagery at this point and have been completely taken over by the thrill of the feast, kill Simon without any moral obligation at all. It is almost that they, like us, are trapped inside their own bodies watching what is happening but are unable to stop themselves. They are powerless over what they are doing like we are powerless to control what happens in the novel. However, earlier in the novel, we saw the scarred boy die in the fire. At that point, the boys still had innocence and were still schoolboys and were unable to totally comprehend the meaning of this. At this point, they have matured and for Ralph it is a wake up call because he has seen, or been given a ‘view’ to death/murder and he has seen what could happen in the future. The word death has probably been used here instead of something more vulgar like ‘murder’ because it was Simon’s death. He was different, less savage and more enlightened that the other boys, unlike how Piggy’s death is described in a much more animalistic way. Or, perhaps he used ‘death’ because the death, not the murder is what Golding considered the most important point in the chapter? Simon’s death represents the loss of innocence in the boys and deepens their descent into savagery. Golding could have used something other than a murder to convey the boys lack of civilisation, but he chose Simon. The death is only a small portion of the chapter, but the most significant part.

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Your Questions About Low Cost Vaccinations

Carol asks…

low cost vaccinations for dogs??

well i live in iowa, near the muscatine area and i need to know of places where they offer low vaccinations for dogs??

barry0912 answers:

Most of the time vets don’t charge more than $50 or so. Call around. I made the mistake of taking my dog to the vet for her second set of shots where my parents took their dogs. Cost me $150. I’m changing vets, and next month it’ll cost me $60-$70 for the first visit to the new vet, and from then on it will be cheaper.

Mandy asks…

Free or low cost dog vaccinations?

Its pretty obvious that people are going through rough times. Where are some places in New Jersey that offer free or low cost dog vaccinations? besides PetCo?

barry0912 answers:

Im not sure where in NJ you are but People for animals in hillside nj has a shot clinic. There is no visit fee and it is 12 a shot including the combo and rabies. It is a walk in clinic on wed at 3 and sat at 9( i think on sat time)

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