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Daniel asks…

Is there a market for publishing short stories online?

I have some short stories and would like to publish them (not to make money just so as many people as possible can read them). I have the means to publish the stories to the Internet – is there a market for this? Do I have the potential to get a large base of readers if the stories are good and the site is found on the search engines?
Note: I don’t want to make ANY money from this

I am a web designer and search engine optimiser by trade so I can publish the works myself – I’m asking – is there a market out there for it? I.e. Is there the potential to get a lot of traffic.

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barry0912 answers:

First get to know how good you are.
Why not join an online forum

I found you one, actually I’m a member:

for poetry:

and here are some publications:


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Richard asks…

Is there a site or system to earn money from your own home using the Internet that isn’t a ripoff or fraud?

I see stuff like jeff pauls secret to Internet millions and such. Is there such a program as this that is not a rip and that is not a fraud?

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barry0912 answers:

There is no “system” that I know of that is legit. But there is money to be made online! Don’t buy into any business opportunities, do your research and start a real online business of your own.

Check out internet marketing forums like or . I tried project payday but that’s not a viable business model, it will make you some quick cash but it isn’t sustanable.

There are internet marketing courses that are real and will teach you how to make real money online. Check out the warriroforum’s product review section for good courses. I’ve also read that wealthyaffiliate is a good site to learn from but haven’t tried it myself.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

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Joseph asks…

Hi! I am looking for a good and reliable way to build a list of subscribers?

Hi! I am looking for a good and reliable way to build a list of subscribers for internet marketing, totally from scratch? Thanks in advance!

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barry0912 answers:

Provide valuable, relevant content: You’ll have to provide unique and valuable information that will be of use and relevant to them.

Add a subscription form to every page on your website or blog.

Make it easy for your readers to sign up: A name and an email address is all you need.

Give gifts that your subscribers can actually use. Offer an opt-in bonus for joining your subscriber list. Write an eBook or provide a report, everyone likes to get something for free.

Check Out Master Resale Rights eBook Store for an easy way to create bonuses and gifts for your subscribers.

Add a squeeze page: It should feature a strong headline and a couple of powerful benefits that make subscribers sign up.

Blog regularly: Blogging is the best way to communicate with prospects and customers, make sure to include a sign-up form on each page of your blog.

Tip: Get a List Building plugin and theme for WordPress plus Bonus at

Post on other blogs.Post valuable comments and information on similar blogs with a link to your squeeze or opt-in pages.

If you use these tips on how to build your list you should soon have a large list of subscribers soon.

Hope it Helps.

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Susan asks…

IS IT POSSIBLE, to get feedback from people who have tryed to make money on the Internet And Failed Terribly ?

The TRUE Dark side of Internet Marketing is really not Exposed by the Actual people who have suffered losses of money,and personal disappointment. All of the hype is Always About How Easy And Attractive the Home Based Business Will Be , Soon As YOU Send The MONEY. If There is a large number of ‘ victims ‘ or Failed attempts to succeed in this indutry, i wonder if the impact has been SERIOUS such as emotional,financial,marital,and others.

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barry0912 answers:

It sounds like you tried to make money online and it didn’t work for you. Don’t let that stop you from succeeding in things. There are plenty of opportunities out there that you can succeed in. With the proper teaching, support and help anyone can succeed in business if they really want it.
I created a blog on my yahoo page on home based business opportunities. There are over half a dozen different opportunities from different industries. People that I know that do really well in theres and help others that are in the same industry. It also has a lot of information about the truth with scams, BBB and what you need to do to succeed in your home based business. Things to look for when collaborating with a company to see if it’s legit. Time factors etc. You also need to talk to someone who is involved in the industry and not just try and do it on your own. You should be able to have help.
Here’s the URL to my Yahoo page blog:
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Donald asks…

Internet Market, Websites How to make money online is there any place where its not a scam or?

Any real internet market where its not a scam or you dont have to refer people or do that pyramid thing to make money or anyone know any real ideas/way to make money

barry0912 answers:

If you want to start a home based business, there will be fees involved and business expenses. There are many legit business opportunities out there in direct sales, multi-level and network marketing. There are great companies to work with, but having a business isn’t for everyone. It’s worked real well for us. I now work this full-time and my wife works it part-time. This job can be done over the Internet, over the phone, or in person and is LEGIT !!! F/T, P/T, Free Training, Low Investment, No Inventory, No Sales.
If you’re serious about being your own boss, making an honest income commensurate with the effort you put forth.

Carol asks…

I am interested in graduating in a field related to computers, but I am not sure of what exact degree I should?

What should I take up –

computer engineering/
tele communtications/
computer science/
information science/
information technology.

is there a double degree I can take up?

I am interested in web designing and Internet marketing at the same time.

please brief about it. Also, how well off are the jobs in these sectors?

barry0912 answers:

I’m a recent Computer Science grad, and I can tell you from my experience the employers don’t care what your degree is as long as you can do your job well. Right now, demand for software engineering is high, so job seeking would be easier if you go down that road, i.e computer science or information technology.

Also the curriculum for each of these degrees depends on the university. My college didn’t care at all what courses one takes as long as it was within the department.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

John asks…

Does anyone know of a legit work at home job? I am having trouble finding something.?

I am not looking for internet/website marketing, just a “job” that will pay me for work I complete while at home. I want a second income for now and eventually be able to stay home full-time.

barry0912 answers:

A home based “job” is not going to bring you a sufficient amount of income. You will only be paid minimum wage. Most companies don’t feel they need to pay anyone more then that because their gas cost is eliminated. What people don’t realize, what about your spouse? Do they still have to drive to work every day? Grocery shopping, outings, and things like that are still going to cost gas. If your married and you have a minimum waged job, pretty much your entire pay check will be going to your spouse’s gas tank with the gas prices these days. Then you still have the normal bills you need to pay each month as well, food, utilities, mortgage (rent for most people). Think about how much money you spend in that alone? If you need more income, I don’t see how a minimum wage home “job” is going to cut it then. If a minimum wage job is sufficient then email me and I can give you a referal to apply for a home job. I won’t guarantee that you will get the job, I have no control over that. The compeititon is really high for home based jobs. Another reason why they pay such a low amount to work at home.
If you really want to work from home, and want to make a sufficient amount of income, then I suggest you start your own home based business. There are many different kinds of home based businesses to get involved in. Child Daycare Centers, Catering, Scrap Booking, Telecommunications, Candle Making, Travel agents, Tax Preparations, Health etc. Most home based business cost under $500 to start. Depending on what you want to get involved in doing. Home based businesses have the same income opportunity as a tradition store front business like a shoe store, Subway etc. With a Home Based Business, you don’t have all the over head expenses as you do with traditional businesses. Just about everything in your home, becomes a tax write off.
When you first start a business, their is no money made at first. You have to build it up. No matter what business you get involved in. The more effort you put into it and how hard your willing to work it, the faster you start making a sufficient amount of income. If you calculate the amount of hours you put into a regular job or a home “job” and the little you get paid, you would be better off starting a simple home based business, but make a lot more money and have more advantages.
In home based businesses, depending on which one you get involved in, it usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to start making an average income. (about the same time frame as your first payroll period) Then as you keep working your business, 4 to 6 weeks to increase that income, and 3 to 6 months to be self sufficient. That is only if you put the time and effort into it. If you just say “I started a business” and don’t put any time or the effort needed in your business, then you won’t make an income.
Most people have full time jobs and run their business on the side. When their business reaches the income level they desire, they put their normal jobs down and continue with their business growing. Other’s dive into it head first and tackle it and get it going faster. Either way, you have the same opportunity to make a sufficient amount of income.
I don’t know what you enjoy doing, hobbies, interests etc, so I’m not sure which home based business to refer you over to. I can let you know what my husband and I have been involved in for over six years. For some more ideas you are more then welcome to take a look at my 360 page blog on home based business opportunities. There are over a half a dozen different ones to look at.
The business we chose to get involved in was more practical to us and something people used on a daily bases and wouldn’t know what they would do without. We didn’t have to worry about when money runs tight for them that they’d run to the nearest store and buy the items on sale, or have to cut back expenses and drop what I was providing some sort of service to make ends meet for them. We also wanted to make sure that they were registered with the BBB, who was involved with the company. They have also have been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 also rated us the 22nd fastest growing company in our first five years. We are world wide with headquarters in in Farmington Hills Michigan, Carolina, Canada, Europe, Australia. So it’s a pretty good sized organization to be involved in.
We partnered up with a 15 year old world wide company that offers services that people use every day and pay for anyway. Services like Local and Long distance telephone services, Internet, digital, video, VOIP, Satellite TV, and all the major cellular phone providers like Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Nextell, Alltel etc. As well.
How many people do you know, or know of around the world that uses one or more of these services? That’s another reason why we chose this business because everyone uses one or more. It’s a service that people are not going to give up on because money is tight. People are going to pay their utility bills before they purchase the top brand of soap when they can easily run to the dollar store and buy a package of 4 for a dollar instead of a bar for $2 sort of thing. You know what I mean? We save people money on services that they are already using and paying for, and offer them services that they don’t have, but would like to. As an example, say they have a local and long distance telephone service, they want Internet, I offer them the Internet as well as save them money on their local and long distance telephone service, they accept and then every single month these people pay these bills that they are going to anyway, every month we make a percentage. This is a very profitable business to get involved in. A lot of money involved in this industry!
If you’d like more information, your more then welcome to email me at anytime.

William asks…

Can anyone suggest me how to get an internet job?

i am searching for internet jobs that can be performed from my home, & that would help me to get a moderate sum of money.

barry0912 answers:

Think about what value that you can provide.

For example, if you’re into baseball, you can have a blog site about what’s going on in the baseball universe and sell ad space for baseball related products and services.

Selling ads on your site is called affiliate marketing. Basically it gives you percentage (commission) of sales that your site generate.

If you want to make a decent amount of money, you need to first get good traffic (number of people visiting your site), then generate that traffic into click through (somehow entice your visitors to click on the ads and take action/make a purchase). This is the reason why I said earlier that you need to create value so people who come to your site will keep coming back and tell their friends about your site.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Paul asks…

any really good internet marketing system where we can see real results.?

i have been member of few network marketing MLM company any real company only on internet and with real result. would be interested to know result people are getting if any.??

barry0912 answers:

I think one of the best would be in the telecommunications industry. It’s a bit different then MLM. It’s primarily network marketing. There is an MLM side to it, if you choose that route. There is many different results depending on the person and how much “real” effort they put into their business. I know a lot of people in this industry that do very well. I also know some who didn’t, primarily because they didn’t follow through with what they were supposed to, so they didn’t succeed in something so simple to do. This industry us also a major funding resource for SOFTIN, MADD, systic fubroses as well as many other non profit organizations. You can have it on line as well as off line. What you make, would depend on what you put into it, as with any business MLM, networking or not. You really need to hook up with someone who’s been in the industry for several years and knows all the ins and outs to have it be a success. Follow someone’s guide who knows what they’re doing.
I know someone who can give you the information on this particular industry, if you chose to do it, she can help you out.
Her name is Tiffany, she’s a mother of four and a co founder for a non profit organization. Her and her husband are very successful business people in this industry. She’d be happy to help you out. I suggest you look into something where there is both sides of it. Not just one. Broaden the opportunity.
She also created a blog on her yahoo page on Home based Business opportunities for on line and offline businesses. There are several different ones in different industries to take a look at and see which ones you think you’d be interested in. Also a lot of information that you should read about on home based businesses, blogs, reports, scams and the BBB, network marketing as well as MLM’s. It’s not too long, just some issues that people need to know in regards to businesses. Some things are eye openers. I think people should educate themselves on this. So many people are misinformed.
If you have any questions regarding this question your asking, you should contact her at . She has a background from Corporate America as well as has had her own business for several years. She can give you a lot of insight on various different things.

Chris asks…

Has anyone used an email marketing company to send out safelist emails?

There are so many email marketing companies on the internet and it is difficult to choose which one to go for to promote affiliate products.

Is there anyone who has used one and can happily recommend?

Many thanks.

barry0912 answers:

You will just build yourself a reputation as a SPAMMER .. Whilst you may gain some customers this way you will loose many others …

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