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Richard asks…

What are some of the best ways to make money off the internet?

I have a bunch of website urls, was going to try some keyword arbitradge, ppc and affiliate marketing, but looking for more ideas….

barry0912 answers:

Too bad everyone is trying to make money off you by posting there affiliate links!!! Thats really funny. Anyway, if you want to make cash Go to different internet marketing forums, Check out what other people are doing. If you do not already have a website you might want to start off with affiliate marketing. Go to Clickbank, Commission Junction, Onenetwork, or all the other places, find out what you would like to market, Sign up for an affiliate id. You can market your products via-adwords (Please first do the adwords training on Googles site) This is the best free adword training you can get. Many people may want you to purchase there ebook on how to use adwords, forget about that just go to googles adword training for free, and you will get just as much information. If adwords is not your thing you can always go to different forums directly related to the product that you are marketing and become a member to the forum, Edit your signature file to have your affiliate link in it, and start posting comments.(not spam, stay on what ever topic that you are working on) And do not forget about overture PPC, advertise on there also with your affiliate links. Me personally I would say create a generic website on the topic that you are looking to market, create articles (Search engines love fresh content) And you can offer you products on the website. The key is to try to get optin-leads. Have a capture page that allows people to sign up for your newsletters, once you have a clients information you can always market products later on. Just remember do not spend all your money buying products that will teach you how to make money on the internet. People buy buy buy but never take action. If you do purchase a program, stick with it until you are making money and do not give up at all. What seperates real Internet marketers from the one’s who are making no money? Its the ability to create a project(or buy one) Stick with it and never give up on it. Anyway, I hope this helps you out a little!!! Check out my blog sometime, My goal is to make 1 million dollars in 1 year. I will not start my heavy marketing until jan 1st. And there will be lots of free information that you can use there. BTW if anyone every tells you you cant make 500K+ a year on the internet, its because they are BROKE and they have a weak money blueprint.


John asks…

Im a local artist..Can anyone give me any creative music marketing ideas on creating more exposure for myself?

I have read several marketing books and are just looking to see if anyone has any creative marketing techniques that would benefit me.

barry0912 answers:

First you should access your own friend network and show them a sample of your work. Then request that they show their friends to see if any of them realy like what your doing. That technique in networking. It should be realy usefull since your local and it’s always nice to hear someone from the area. Suprisingly though, there are people around the world who would also like to here your local music simply because it’s foreign. What you should do then is have it published online where upon you can make money from the internet. You should also post a link to your sales page and about your music in any forum and blog posts you make. That way you can market your product in a signature of something without much hassle. Furthermore, you could even go to the extent of some new angle. I hearrd there is a new way to market called weed-sharing. Unsure, so look it up. It’s like you make your musi free and you make money from advertiseing or something. Anyway..goodluck , and I hope your stuff sells!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

Ken asks…

how do i get traffic to my blog?

internet traffic is king if you get some you can sell products services and marketing on your website. How do I do this? My blog has got only 12 page views for the past three weeks, how can bettter this? thanks

barry0912 answers:

1. You can submit your website to search engines. By little research on google you will find few free websites and some low paid but really good once. (3-4 weeks)

2. You can submit articles. If you are good at writing articles, write and submit yourself if not, then you can pay someone to do it for you, they are inexpensive. (3-4 weeks)

3. You can submit your website i directories and social networks. Some of social networking sites are: Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, Myspace & Daceband.

4. I noticed that you website was just created. It has very low traffic that is why you cannot see your website listed on: &
In your case what i would recommend is to get fast traffic. You will see the results of fast traffic at no time. Some of the low priced advertising places are
They offer 10,000 unique visitors for $10. If you get that, there is high chance that at least 200 people will be interested on your website since daceband is social networking website. It will boost your alexa rank and you will start seeing your website at
In order to boost your sells you have to invest little money.

Linda asks…

How to Search & Find Niche Blogs…………………….?

Hi SEO Folks,

Would you please help me know that How to Search & Find Niche Blogs (blog post) for my website to comment on? Lets say my niche is seo, internet marketing etc.


barry0912 answers:

Yes, reverse engineer all the links to your competitors.
To find your niche blogs you need to use Scrapebox software otherwise do this manually:
1. Put your keyword into the Google and note the site ranking #1.
2. Go to Yahoo! Site Explorer and put this #1 site there to explore.
3. Click Inlinks button, choose Show Inlinks: Except from this Subdomain and To: Entire site.
This will show you all the backlinks of your competitor at #1 position of Google.
Follow these links and put there yours.
Hope that helps.

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