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http://www.iPadMastering.com – The Fast & Easy Way to Get the Most Out of Your Ipad I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest problems I have using my i…

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http://www.iPadMastering.com – The Fast & Easy Way to Get the Most Out of Your Ipad I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest problems I have using my i…

Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Maria asks…

What are good marketing companies for an internet business?

I am just launching a jewelry business and I would like to know what the best companies are to use to get my website out there. I did sign up on Godaddy Traffic Blazer. If you have any advice that would be most helpful.
Thank You.

barry0912 answers:

Google, its the most popular search engine

Michael asks…

How to explain to my company the importance of spending money on marketing?

I work for an internet company and because I spend money on marketing they expect a huge traffic boom, and I am trying to explain that right now we are in a branding phase of marketing. Anyone have any resources that talks about this so I have some back up proof?

barry0912 answers:

You know Jenn the biggest problem we have is explaining to people that because you run an ad or do something the phone isn’t going to ring off the hook.

Let me give you an example that maybe you can use.

If you are watching a football game on TV and you see an ad for Toyota do you jump up out of your seat and run down to the nearest dealership and buy one? Of course not. Does Toyota think that will happen.? Of course not. They are putting their name in front of you, branding, so when you do decide to purchase a vehicle they are considered.

OK So staying with that same example you are Chrysler. That same person watched the game and needs a car. They didn’t see any ads from Chrysler. Now unless somewhere in the past they were exposed to this ‘brand’ Chrysler won’t prob be considered.

Another example is McDonalds. Do they need to advertise at all? Prob not to the extent they do. Do they have the best hamburgers you ever ate? I doubt that! Yet if you ask someone to write down or name their top 5 hamburger places, I’ll bet MD’s is in that 5. If that’s the case why do they continue to advertise?

Because perception is reality.

Everybody thinks Microsoft is a monopoly and unless they lived in a cave within the last 30 years they know who they are. If that’s the case why do they advertise?

I’d point out to your company that in advertising size is irrelevant. In fact, the smaller you are the more you’re getting your name out is more important.

The key thing to tell them is that your work is only a small part of the larger picture. If you have an inferior product, it’s overpriced, or lousy salespeople, then nothing you do by itself will matter.

Selling a company is everyone’s job at the company. If one section isn’t holding up their end then no amount of money plowed into another section will matter.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

Betty asks…

what is the best internet marketing program?

i am looking to make money from the internet.
can you send me your ideas on links.
i want an internet marketing prog.

barry0912 answers:

Oh boy, you’re probably going to get a bunch of people who are affiliates selling their stuff here in reply – not objective answers. I just want to give you an objective reply so that you can make a wise decision about all the things you’ll read about here and online.

There are three important facets to selling online:

Traffic generation – that is getting people who might be inclined to buy to your website. Lots of different ways to do that. Article sites. Google ads. Safelists – and on and on.

The site itself – needs to be set up in such a way that it’s navigation friendly, search engine friendly and looks professional for what you’ll be marketing.

The copy – must be written in an emotionally compelling way so that people say, “Wow – I want that!” and feel like they just gotta have it. Pictures alone don’t do it. Fancy bells and whistles don’t either. It’s about the copy. (That’s my expertise more than the technical pieces.)

Oh, and a fourth – the product and pricing must be something that’s quality and that people really want.

I don’t know of one product that provides all that – and I’ve attended a lot of fancy-schmancy Internet Marketing seminars over the years where they sell more of these programs. There are different programs for different facets of internet marketing.

As far as the written copy – I have an awesome ebook that’s getting great results for people that can give you an overview and excellent step-by-step instruction to that part. Check it out at http://www.SalesLetterEbook.com

Hope this is helpful to you.

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, “Testosterone-Free Marketing” and
“Secrets to Money-Making Sales Letters”
Visit me online at http://www.MentoringwithDenise.com

Lizzie asks…

What is the biggest consistent problems and challenges faced in your internet Marketing journey?

Hello all, I am a internet marketer. I am looking for people with problems with their internet marketing life. I ask around my friends and they state Information overload, time management, traffic, conversions. What about yours? Let me know and see what i can do to help? Thanks

barry0912 answers:

My biggest problem that I run to is getting sufficient traffic. It’s hard nowadays to get into a niche or any field that has no competitors. Almost every niche has several other players in it, and with the amount of information out there more and more people jump on the IM train everyday. I have to say though, hiring freelancers from odesk and the sort is one of the biggest advantages of this industry.

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Watching solarmovie with ipad

Not since the notebook became truly easily transportable has computing made such a big step. Tablets have exposed our lives and provided us with the freedom to move about and compute from anywhere. Pills are so much more as compared to computers can ever be but in a way they can be still just desktops. For those that own any tablet of any kind theyve known it changes the method that you operate and think about communicating or buy your news.
Right now were also between two worlds of tablets. The actual high end iPad in addition to Samsung Galaxy or lower end Archos and Jones reader type tablets. As we get nearer to Christimas 2011 we will begin to view tablet prices fall considerably. Rumors are generally that the iPad Three or more will release this specific fall so that Apple company can have a Christmas launch time frame from then on. In either case as soon as the second era releases prices can fall. Watching solarmovie with ipad
Tablet PCs will not likely change your life but they also can free you actually up to do belongings you did not think you might with a computer.
My personal Geek Deals
Samsung Whole world
This is the first of numerous competitors to the apple ipad tablet. While it is smaller than this iPad many people will probably buy the Samsung Whole world just because it is not the Apple product.
This can be a first large tv screen full Android system. By full Android os device I mean a computer device that is able to admittance the Android market and not have to use resale or off product or service apps like most additional Android tablets carry out. Apps can not you need to be used across different size platforms similar to certain apps are prepared for the iPad rather than the iPod.
While this is merely a 7 inch display 1024×600 and not 9.7 inches like the apple ipad it is a big difference from a phone. It is this kind of device that will wide open the flood entrances to other manufacturers and make the Android supplement competitive. This is both WiFi and 3 grams compatible and as long as its not necessarily on the Att network it needs to work most just about everywhere.
Here is the down side. Even though this tablet can admittance the whole Android network it has to be purchased on a wireless contract and is not a stand alone tablet like the iPad is usually.

Motorola XOOM
The 800 Motorola XOOM is the first tablet to own Android 3.0. While I dont see myself personally paying that kind of money for a tablet it may be relaxed a little which has a data deal from it can be carrier Verizon. You can find the whole XOOM experience here. This page also feature its Super Bowl Commercial which in turn looks a little like the 1984 Apple commercial. Not so good news is it only needed Apple another Twenty-five years and almost comprehensive colapse to get a 10 market share connected with computers. Either way drugs are the future therefore we have to start somewhere.

HP Touch pad
This was supposed to be out and about last year as the State. Complications with the operating-system which I think was going to be Windows 6 all but shut this kind of down. Now with the actual webOS 3.0 computer HP TouchPad is here to life. The biggest problem is…No Apps. In todays one year old tablet planet apps are the answer to everything that and selling price but we dont understand the price of the TouchPad yet so its programs. Android 3.0 and iOS 4 have apps and plenty of all of them. My take is stay away from this until eventually they get some programs you like unless you simply want something to scan the internet on and browse on Googles ebook website.
P.Azines. Dont try to search for it because a touch pad would be the thing you use to maneuver a mouse with a laptop. Marketing Master
The Sony Dash
I realize this is not a full fledged supplement but until This year I dont have a large amount of options for good tablets.
The Sony Splash is an alarm clock with steroids. It has apps like a tablet however is built to be a individual internet device. Together with 1500 apps you wont require a tablet to do nearly anything online. You can get to your social network Netflix metacafe and Pandora. You can watch a movie in the kitchen focus on Pandora in the office and check your email prior to going to bed and once you wake up you may get the weather and site visitors reports all with out a computer.
Sony possesses dropped the price over the last month to 149 so I think in the next couple of month it will fall again. Dont get me wrong. It really is worth 149 but it is rivaling other actual tablets that are portable and can do the same thing for similar price.
See The The Dash Personal Web Viewer
Archos 7
I began with the Archos 7 which is what I own as well as know. I chose this Archos 7 because I wanted an e-reader. I was going through the nook and Amazon kindle readers but nor of them offered over a lower end Archos 7 pill did for 149 on BestBuy. I also chose the idea over other lower end tablets because it has a 16×9 aspect ratio in addition to 720p resolution. This is important when watching your favorite HD demonstrates and movies you have saved.
You will need to have standard computer knowledge and also know how to add documents on SD cards to work with the Archos 7. It is possible to put your video tutorials on the device by following the instructions supplied but I use the Information and just open all of them in the file directory when I want to view.The fold out and about kickstand helps when the little ones want to share your favorite shows.
See All The Archos Products Here
If you are looking for a product that is close to an iPad this is not that. If you are looking for an e-reader you can also surf the web pay attention to music and watch movies on The Archos Seven could be for you.

Watching solarmovie with ipad The entire world is transforming every day and new inventions are being designed just about every minute. To be able to preserve tempo together with the marketplace one has to remain vigilant in any way times. The sector that has witnessed the most enhancement while in the new previous could be the laptop or computer sector. With the previous 10 years that has passed the personal computer marketplace has progressed by leaps and bounds. The pace for the development as well has been amazing. The race for technological supremacy has pushed the pc manufacturers to maintain upgrading their machines. 1st the Pentiums ruled the world. Then the Laptop computer PCs as well as notice textbooks have been engineered which took the globe by storm and now is the time for that tablet PCs to become the wish of every computer system user.