Your Questions About Title Ix

Betty asks…

Why do people say it violates Title IX if college football athletes are given a stipend?

Based on all of these incidents by agents I believe college football athletes of all schools and a certain division should be paid a stipend about the same maybe about $100,000.

It is a known fact that college football brings more revenue to schools than any other male sports or female sports so I find it silly for some to say it would discriminate against athletes of all other sports to play football players more when their sport brings in more revenue.

barry0912 answers:

Technically it wouldn’t, if you also paid some women’s athletes as well, although that would be difficult to afford. Title IX requires funding to fit the “Three-Prong Test” which goes as follows:

1. Prong one – Providing athletic participation opportunities that are substantially proportionate to the student enrollment, OR
2. Prong two – Demonstrate a continual expansion of athletic opportunities for the underrepresented sex, OR
3. Prong three – Full and effective accommodation of the interest and ability of underrepresented sex.

Credit must go to Wikipedia where I stole those from because it was easier than rewording it myself. Anyway, if any of those can be proven a school is in compliance with Title IX. It’s often stated funding for men’s and women’s sports has to be equal, which isn’t quite true, though that probably helps a school be considered in compliance. Scholarships usually are equal, which is why women actually have an easier time getting scholarships in most sports compared to men, as so much money already goes to football and basketball scholarships there are very few left over for other men’s sports, whereas women’s sports generally don’t bring in much money at all and can be more evenly distributed among the sports. And that, I think, is where this would fail Title IX. It would provide more money to male athletes female athletes wouldn’t have access to. Money taken in per sport doesn’t matter, gender alone matters. If money taken in per sport was the deciding factor most sports would cease to exist at the collegiate level because most sports don’t bring in a single cent of revenue.

(By the way, “underrepresented sex” really should be written “women.” Women’s sports can outnumber men’s sports and in fact SEC schools are required to have at least 2 more women’s sports than men’s. Men can be underrepresented with no penalty at all. But perhaps that’s an entirely different discussion.)

There are so many issues with paying football players it’s hard to know where to begin. Besides the simple fact schools probably couldn’t afford it, it would finally finish off amateurism for good in college football. It would probably actually negatively affect men’s sports more than women’s. So much money would be going to football other men’s sports would have to be shut down in order to pay for it and still not wipe out women’s athletics. It would potentially be the end of college athletics as we know it.

I personally would quit watching college football the day they pay the players more than they already get paid. Besides scholarships, you ought to see some of the things they get for free from schools. I had a roommate in college on the track and field team who had all sorts of duffel bags, notebooks, backpacks, etc. He could get directly from the school for free. If track and field athletes are getting that when they bring in a minimal amount of money I can’t imagine what the football players are getting.

Charles asks…

How does the elimination of 171 boy’s wrestling teams (Thanks to Title IX) equal “gender equality”?

Of course it’s all supposed to be about ‘proportionality’. So if more boys voluntary take part in sports activities due to equal opportunity, to enforce ‘equal outcome’ the colleges are either sued, or the teams are disbanded, to allow more girls to enter these activities. Now isn’t that quota messed up? Equal opportunities should not lead to equal outcomes being mandatory forced by law.

barry0912 answers:

They should disband student governments in the same manner if it’s all about equality as they are primarily populated by females.

Really I don’t think they should do for either but if you are going to do it to one; it should be done to both.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

Ruth asks…

what is the best way to get your gaming YouTube channel noticed?

hey guys my gaming youtube channel is TheSilverClassGamerz and have had it up for a few months though and am wondering how i could get a bit more noticed? because i have uploaded almost 50 videos now and only have 30 subs if you guys could help and tell me how that would be great.

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barry0912 answers:

Lol. If those are the tags you’re using, big reason why noone visits. Noone likes a spammer.

Susan asks…

Where can I get objective advice on an Internet advertising model?

I’m trying to find a qualified resource to provide some generic answers concerning a new Internet advertising model. Basically this model will offer potential advertisers a low monthly volume of extremely high-quality leads. The questions I have relate to a) pricing and b) marketing this new service. So, where do I look for this advice?

barry0912 answers:

I find questions that require a “deeper” answer get better answers in the Q&A of LinkedIn. Their Q&A attracts a lot of professionals in the field of marketing, advertising and in this case, direct marketing.

My suggestion is to look at some examples of this type of business model. Franchising brokers and directories, for example, offer this type of business model where the advertisers (franchisers) post their info for a fee and then they pay based on the leads that they get

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Your Questions About Title 9

Lisa asks…

what are some pros and cons on title 9 gender equity in sports?

barry0912 answers:

I think it is fine for girls (or ladies) to play sports on an all girls team. As a matter of fact the Lady Vols are my favorite. But to insist that they play football or basketball or any sports on a guys team is going a bit too far. I am sure a group of big burly football players would Mollie- collie a woman on the team, perhaps to the point they would lose the game. There is still a part of the world that belongs to men, and sports happens to be a part of that part.

George asks…

what do you think of title 9?

How do you feel about title 9? Does it fit in the society? i don’t think so because it makes women bitches..
the title 9 issue the conversal topic like that. yes women should be paid for what they do but why push it like everything else in life. I FOR ONE HATE PUSHY PEOPLE LIKE DIVA AND PRE-DANNA……other people may feel the same way too you know.

barry0912 answers:

Im lost….

You might want to explain what exactly you are talking about and maybe you might get more responces and an actual answer.

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ESPN Tournament Challenge – ESPN

ESPN - ESPN Tournament Challenge artwork

ESPN Tournament Challenge


Genre: Sports

Release Date: March 14, 2010

The #1 bracket app is back for the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Start a bracket group, invite your friends, make your picks and compete all the way to the Final Four in Dallas for a chance at $10,000. Join a celebrity bracket and compete against politicians, professional athletes, celebrities and ESPN talent. Think you know college basketball? Prove it! Download ESPN Tournament Challenge and start your march to the Final Four.

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Guncrafter – Naquatic LLC

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Naquatic LLC

Genre: Games

Release Date: May 16, 2013


Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual reality shooting competition!

With our exclusive Quick Match system, get placed in a lag-free multiplayer match in 5 SECONDS. No waiting. No lag. Just play.

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• Virtual reality controls let you take aim with your device– how accurate are you really?
• Head-to-head multiplayer with or without Game Center
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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Daniel asks…

While China imports the Western-style market economy, why it fails to establish corresponding business ethics?

Some of the glaring examples of unethical trade practices (缺德) in China

1. Melamine milk
2. Baidu gets money from Salnu to suppress bad news about the tainted milk
3. Intellectual property violations
4. Chinese scam artists operating on the Internet
5. Hacking and stealing information
6. Bribing people to get undue advantage

Why have Chinese become quede (缺德)?

barry0912 answers:

Ethics or morals are something you are taught young and you grow up with. This is not something a adult learns when in business. If you do not have good morals or ethics by the time you finish school, you never will have. Business is just a way to make a fast buck.

Sharon asks…

Are Gyms really “Meat Markets”?Or is this BS by Internet and Current Generation of Young Adults?

Hello. I’m a Pro Boxer in training.I got into an argument with another person.The whole thing started with her calling me a nerd who has no life because I’m into “Hobbies labeled with Geeky Terms”.So I countered saying I probably have more of a life than her,I train in the Gym 8 hours a day and could run 2 miles in 10 minutes,something I told her she probably can’t do any of those stuff and also I have more life than she does for other reasons(I actually pay attention to current events for example and I actually am gonna join the Militia).

Argument turned into a **** storm and then made this comment that got me awed.

“So working out a gym for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week means that you have a life?! It means the exact opposite. There’s a reason why gyms are commonly referred to as “meat markets”, bakaologist. A lot of people go there to find Mr. or Ms. Right Now. Though, if you’re continuously working out at the gym for 8 hours a day, sounds like you’ve failed in that department.”

This comment did not really hurt me at all(pathetic counter lol!) but it got me curious.

She says the Gyms are considered to be”Meat Markets” where you find Mr. or Mrs. Reason why I’m sort of intrigued is simple.
1)PEOPLE GO TO THE GYM TO TRAIN,not start relationships.Anyone who goes to a gym to look for Mr. or Mrs. obviously never been habitually train in the Gym.Seriously, would you really go to a place full of sweaty people to find Mr. or Mrs?

2)In the Gym I go to,there is not flirtation or Romantic interaction between the opposite sex.Rather everyone I know in the Gym I go to is often too busy training in the gym to flirt with girls,In fact most people I know in the gym I go to tell me they don’t have Girlfriends.Also rarely do any female go to the gym I train at. In fact aside from overweight women,women concern about their stomach,and women who are training for sports,,from my experience girls don’t typically go to gyms!Nor did any of my buddies at the Gym agreed with the notion Gyms are “Meat Markets” to meet Mrs. or Mr.They all tell me absolute Bull ****.

3)If Gyms were really seen as “Meat Markets” to start a relationship like this little girl claims,then why the hell doesn’t popular media portray Gyms as a hot area to flirt with girls and find chicks or hunks to date with?I mean from everything I seen in popular media from Entertainment to Pop Culture to movies to even TV Shows and the News,they never portrayed Gyms in the manner that the person I’m arguing with states.Instead Popular Media portrays gym as a haven for rough tough men,men who are trying to become strong and athletic,and for women who are trying to lose weight.

4)Different kinds of Gyms.TBH the gym I go to is not a regular gym.As I stated earlier,I’m a Pro Boxer in training.Thus the Gym I go to is not a casual gym but a gym specializing for Boxing and MMA training.So that girl I’m arguing with thinks that a Boxing Gym or MMA Gym is used to find chicks or Hunks?Also,gyms used in specialized camps(basketball camps,baseball camps,etc.) are used to start a relationship?ROFLOL!You won’t find hot chicks in a Boxing and MMA Gym most of the time nor will you actually likely to find a Hunk in Gyms for Girl’s Volleyball camp.

5)Pro Athletes-If Gyms were really Meat Markets,wouldn’t all Pro athletes have a relationship for now?Also by using her logic,top champs like Mike Tyson are losers in their social lives because they haven’t got a girlfriend early in their career despite the fact they spend most of their time in Gyms?

She’s saying that I’m a nerd with no life-yet she doesn’t even know the basics of what a Gym is lol!

Your opinions?While I have experience going to normal gyms,I mainly go to a Boxing Gym so it may be different in mainstream Gyms.

So are regular Gyms really “Meat Markets”?Or is this BullShit by Internet and Current Generation of Young Adults,who don’t even habitually go to the gym?

barry0912 answers:

8 hours a day, every day? If you’re actually training 56 hours a week, that to me sounds counter-productive. I’m not sure how your muscles can handle that, and I can’t imagine how many calories an 8 hour workout would consume. I’ve been weightlifting for three years and I usually only go up to 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, with 2 days rest.

To answer your question, there are some really HOT girls at the gym, but I’ve never thought of it as a “meat market”. I just go there and do my own thing without socializing much, but I can imagine there are people who go there mostly to check girls/guys out. And I’m only talking about the regular gyms. I’m not sure which gym you go to but most people who go to gyms are regular folk.

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