Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Thomas asks…

If I want to buy investment property in PA and I live in NY, what is the best way to set things up?

I live in NY. I want to buy investment properties out of state. I already own an S-Corp for my Internet marketing business. Should I form a new corporation or some other business as a tax shelter in case I want to invest elsewhere as well? Does it make sense to form a new company?

barry0912 answers:

I would form a new company, probably a LLC, but for liability reasons, not for tax reasons. You set up the company and fund it yourself. Then the company buys the properties (either in cash with funds you gave it, or by getting a mortgage with you personally will nonetheless have to sign for). Later if someone sues you for whatever they are suing the LLC and your personal assets cannot be attached to the lawsuit (but you are still on the hook for the mortgage). Be sure to keep all personal and LLC funds seperated – otherwise a smat lawyer will say you and the LLC were one and the same entity and therefore your personal assets should be attachable to the lawsuit.

No real tax advantages to having an LLC (but plenty of tax advantages in general to investment property).

Steven asks…

Do I put Internet as Business Expenses?

I work as a internet marketing person online for 2 different companies. When I fill my taxes I put $359.88 for comcast internet for business expenses and the refund amount went up. Do I put $359.88 again for the other companies business expenses also? Because that will make it go up also. Both jobs require the internet of course.

barry0912 answers:

“Do I put $359.88 again for the other companies business expenses also? ”

no, this would be “double dipping”. You can use an expense only once. As for your Schedule C, since the work is the same, internet marketing, it does not matter how many companies you worked for, you only file 1. If you did different work – internet marketing and landscaping – you would file 2 separate Schedule Cs.

Is the $360 solely Internet access? Does it include phone? Is the phone your Personal Line or the Business Line? Is the internet access used solely for business?

If you are using your home cable service to run your business, you may have this expense dis-allowed if you are audited.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Services

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Ruth asks…

How do I find out how many times a search term is looked up a day ?

An internet market says a certain term is searched on Google 800 times a day.How does he know that?
How do you find that information? I already know how to find how many results there are, but how do I find out how many people are searching for my keyword?

Thanks so much!

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barry0912 answers:

that is called analytics.
If u have website, you can register with google analytics,or sitemeter a lot of service provider for that.
In that , u can see all the information about your website visiters.
Who visited, from which country and state, how long there are in the website , which page they seen ,
how many time search engine visited site.
In what keyword your site table in search engine result page.
Every thing u can see in that.

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Richard asks…

What kind of business should I start?

I’m a recent grad and job pickin’s are slim. I’m open to some solid suggestions. Tired of all the internet marketing schemes out there.
Assets: a computer, a car and about $1000 capital.

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barry0912 answers:

Here are some small business enterprises to consider:

1. Providing a private tutoring service ranging from music lessons, English writing and reading lessons: to training seniors on how to operate a particular computer;

2. Offering to supervise or monitor services to senior citizens especially those wanting someone to take them on errands, driving on long trips, watch and clean up homes left behind by seniors who have been relocated to assisted living quarters;

3. Becoming a regional apartment manager servicing several properties while traveling to and fro to collect monthly rents and service tenant complaints;

4. Leasing a van equipped with paper shredding machinery and go into high-income areas offering to shred their highly secretive personal papers or even allow them to do so in the privacy of their own home or office;

5. Leasing high-pressure steam cleaning equipment which can be used to remove chewing gum in front of store fronts and apartment houses and charge an appropriate hourly fee;

6. Acquiring a personal fiduciary bond up to $100,000 [actually 10% or $10,000] which will allow you to sell your services as a personal property document specialist which involves photographing and cataloging all kinds of personal property which are subject to insurance coverage; salvaging of family photo albums, etc.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Laura asks…

What do you think of this (see below)? Is this one of those ‘there goes the neighborhood things?

Microsoft Corp. is making an unsolicited $44.6 billion offer for Yahoo Inc., an Internet icon and one the best known Web portals, in a move to boost its competitive edge against Google Inc. in the online services market.

barry0912 answers:

Almost sounds like it. Seems that everything MS gets its claws on turns to mud. Not sure what all might be changed, but I hope they do not change Yahoo e-mail into hotmail. I think forums such as this could easily evaporate as well.

Joseph asks…

Is Rupert Murdock the greatest capitalist ever?

The Rupert Murdoch machine (AKA News Corp.)…


Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox Español
Twentieth Century Fox International
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Fox Studios Australia
Fox Studios Baja
Fox Studios Los Angeles
Fox Television Studios

Broadcast/Production assets
20th Century Fox Television
20th Television
Fox Broadcasting Company
Fox International Channels Italy
Fox Kids (1990-2002)
Fox Sports Australia
Fox Telecolombia
Fox Television Stations
Fox Television Studios
Imedi TV
Latvijas Neatkarīgā Televīzija
TV5 Rīga

Cable Assets
Big Ten Network (49%)
Fox Business Network
Fox College Sports
Fox Movie Channel
Fox News Channel
Fox Soccer Channel
Fox Sports Enterprises
Fox Sports en Español
Fox Sports Net
FX Networks
Fox Reality
National Geographic Channel (50%)
National Geographic Channel UK (50%)
Speed Channel
LAPTV (Latin America — co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/MGM Holdings and Universal Studios/NBC Universal)
Telecine (Brazil — co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Universal Studios and DreamWorks);
Direct broadcast satellite Assets
BSkyB (39.1%)
Sky Deutschland (39.96%)
SKY Italia
SKY Network Television (43.65%)
Tata Sky (20%)

Fox Interactive Media
Rotten Tomatoes

News Digital Media
Slingshot Labs

Magazines and Inserts
donna hay
News America Marketing

Newspapers and Information Services
United Kingdom
News International
The Sun
News of the World
The Times
Sunday Times
thelondonpaper (a free newspaper)

News Limited
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)
The Australian (national)
The Weekend Australian (national)
The Advertiser (Adelaide)
Sunday Mail (Adelaide)
The Sunday Times (Perth)
Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne)
mX (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)
The Courier-Mail (Brisbane)
The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland)
Geelong Advertiser
Gold Coast Bulletin
The Mercury and Sunday Tasmanian (Hobart)
Northern Territory News (Darwin)
The Sunday Territorian (Darwin)
Australian Associated Press (45%)

New Zealand
Sunday Star-Times Why does this link claim Sunday Star-Times is a Fairfax-owned paper?

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Post-Courier

The Fiji Times

United States
New York Post
Community Newspaper Group
The Brooklyn Paper
Courier-Life Publications
TimesLedger Newspapers
Bronx Times Reporter Inc.

Dow Jones & Company
Consumer Media Group
The Wall Street Journal – the leading US financial newspaper.
Wall Street Journal Europe
Wall Street Journal Asia
Barron’s – weekly financial markets magazine.
Marketwatch – Financial news and information website.
Far Eastern Economic Review
Financial News
Enterprise Media Group
Dow Jones Newswires – global, real-time news and information provider.
Factiva – provides business news and information together with content delivery tools and services.
Dow Jones Indexes – stock market indexes and indicators, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Dow Jones Financial Information Services — produces databases, electronic media, newsletters, conferences, directories, and other information services on specialised markets and industry sectors.
Betten Financial News — leading Dutch language financial and economic news service.

Local Media Group
Dow Jones Local Media Group (formerly Ottaway Community Newspapers) – 8 daily and 15 weekly regional newspapers.
Strategic Alliances

STOXX (33%) – joint venture with Deutsche Boerse and SWG Group for the development and distribution of Dow Jones STOXX indices.
Vedomosti (33%) – Russia’s leading financial newspaper (joint venture with Financial Times and Independent Media).
SmartMoney (50%) (50%)

HarperCollins India (40%) joint venture with India Today Group
Zondervan Publishing
Youth Specialties — organisation helping youth workers worldwide through training seminars and conventions, resources and the internet.
Inspirio — religious gift production.
US TV outlets (Direct Ownership in Bold)

Birmingham – WBRC-TV 6
Huntsville – WZDX 54
Mobile – WALA-TV 10
Montgomery – WCOV-TV 20
Ozark (Dothan) – WDFX-TV 34

Anchorage – KTBY 4
Fairbanks – KFXF 7

Phoenix – KSAZ-TV 10
Tucson – KMSB-TV 11

Fort Smith – KFTA-TV 24
Little Rock – KLRT-TV 16

Bakersfield – KBFX-CA 58
El Centro – KECY-TV 9
Eureka – KBVU 29
Indio (Palm Springs) – KDFX-CA 33
Los Angeles – KTTV 11

barry0912 answers:

Yes, he controls all media.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Degree

Ruth asks…

I finally know how to become rich?

Well the honest truth is that the easiest way to get rich is by living out of every person that works for you.
EX: The owner of a law firm, how does he make money? Does he work?NO (he hires someone to run his business) So here is how the owner of the law firm makes money. He has 200 lawyers working under him and each of those lawyers get a cut of what they make. Lets say those 200 lawyers had 4,000,000 dollars worth of cases. Each of them gets a share lets say each of those guys made 5,000 dollars that month the guy who runs the business made a 3,000,000 dollar profit and all he sacrificed were 1,000,000 dollars. So what I am trying to say is the way to become rich is:
Get a good degree (optional)
Have lots of assets that can bring you income like
Businesses,Real Estate,Internet Marketing etc.
Have stocks and bonds (they help in the long run)

And remember Assets get you rich!! You may say who are you to give this info well, technically I am a 17 year old male. But I do own stock (green energy and HP) and I plan to start a business based on weapon manufacturing,aerospace,PMC etc. Some assets I want are cosmetic related and real estate and also racehorses. I plan to major in archaeology. But of course you may say these are dreams and they may never happen. I sincerely believe I can and you should too. So get off that lazy butt and start now!!
You want to have fun? Dude do you know how much Roman Abrahmovic wastes on parties? He wasted 6 million dollars on a party he invited Orlando Bloom,Gwen Stefani,Brad Pitt etc…. He doesn’t even work his CEO does it for him!!

barry0912 answers:

Good 4 u

David asks…

What kind of jobs can a 3 year Business Administration Diploma from College get you?

I know a University degree is the best route but I need to start somewhere. My specialization was Entrepreneurial Management & my studies included classes about sales, marketing, problem solving, etc.

I worked 5 years part time for a retail store in the past where I handled tons of duties including problem solving.

For the past 5 years (current job) I do dispatch for a transport company.

I been doing a lot of internet marketing as of late & learned lots from it. Not sure if I should include that experience in my resume or not.

Thanks for helping 🙂

barry0912 answers:

Apply to any secretary I position. Also increase your skills of typing and computer .

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

Mandy asks…

Why does everyone say the liberals control the media?

When they obviously don’t.

I know this is going to go off the rails with people who read nothing but the title but I have a few things I’d like addressed specifically.

I’m a news junkie, I bounce channels a lot, of the big 3 (I call the big 3, Fox, MSNBC and CNN) I find Fox to be as conservative as it gets. CNN to depend upon who is anchoring / who’s show is on and MSNBC to be as liberal as it gets.

I’ve served in the military and call me crazy but I find a majority of MSNBC to be rational, down to earth and believe it or not, entertaining.
CNN seems to like to play back and forth on compassion and hard fact. Anderson Cooper seems bleeding heart while Lou Dobbs seems firm. I’ve seen a lot of bad things but Fox news is the only channel that actually concerns me, concerns in a sense of “Good lord, what are they thinking.”

When I can’t be in front of a TV I like to listen to talk radio, I get most of my news from talk radio. I don’t get Air America where I am at, and I really don’t know any places that do – I have streamed it a few times. Rush Limbaugh seems like he only cares about the rich. Sean Hannity seems self righteous and only cares about the conservative party. Glenn Beck seems like a pretty decent guy, libertarian with a lot of coservative policy ? Mike Savage is crazy. Mark Levin’s voice is too annoying for me to listen to so I cannot comment.

But I’ve done some digging and the only thing I can come up with is that of these 3 news stations, The big 3 24 hour news stations, Fox News has an overwhelming control of the market. Anyone can goto wikipedia and see the plethora of businesses and companies they control.

Why is it that a media source, who obviously has control over so many different parts of the market, TV, News, Movies, Radio, Internet (Oh yes teenagers, they own MySpace) outrightly lies about who is controlling the media ?
What liberals exist on Fox News with a purpose other than to stoke the flames for the Conservative sitting in the seat across from them ?
I appreciate Dave’s Answer. I never thought to look into the news papers because I live right next to the town where they print The Tribune Review, a Richard Mellon-Scaiffe paper.
This is a link for bmovies60

barry0912 answers:

What you are missing is that all those cable stations together have fewer viewers than ABC, NBC and CBS news shows. THAT is where most people get their news, tv-wise. I notice you don’t rate them on your “liberal to conservative” scale, and I wish you would take the time, some week, and see where you think they land.
Likewise, in the newspaper world, the fact is, nearly every newspaper in America gets their news from the AP or the New York Times. There are not more than a dozen other papers in the country that actually develop their own stories, and of those, most still follow the NY Times’ lead on what is and isn’t news. Both the AP and the NY Times are just off the hook liberal, both in WHAT they cover, and in how much they editorialize in their so-called “reporting”.

Funny, on the talk radio thing I mostly agree with you, except that Michael Savage is the one whose voice just grates on me. Even when he is saying something I agree with, I sometimes have to change channels just to get away from his strident tone.

Mark asks…

New legislation makinig banks sell reposessed homes at market value? Does anyone know the details?

Apparently in yesterday’s news headlines there was a story about the government passing legislation that banks who repossess homes due to mortgage default must sell the homes at market value. I did not hear the story and can not find anything about it on the internet. Does any one know any more details? When the legislation comes in to effect?

barry0912 answers:

I hadn’t heard this, and like you, I can’t find anything on-line that addresses this.

I would be very surprised if this type of legislation passes. Banks/REO owners are always trying to get “market value” for their foreclosed property. But what is market value? It’s what someone is willing to pay.

I did hear something about a plan to have investors buy into “toxic assets” in an owner-partnership with the Feds. And the thought was that this arrangement would help set market value. I heard a news story about this on NPR.

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