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Steven asks…

how to make your back links get counted fast?

I am new in internet marketing and in seo. I am doing directory submission, article submission plus blog commenting but i don’t know why i only see few backlinks to my site. Actually i want all my back links to show up in google. How can i make that happen is there any tool or trick.

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barry0912 answers:

Try pinging the url where your back link is placed. Visit and start pinging all your back link pages url and this will make your back links get faster indexed by google.

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Lisa asks…

how can i improve my real estate business thru internet?

I’m just staying at home most of the time, doing household chores & running a small record bar business at the same time doing internet marketing coz my husband is a licensed real estate broker. How can I contact more buyers thru internet?

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barry0912 answers:

Best to invest in a good website. NAR’s 2005 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers showed 77% of buyers used the Internet in their search! This is a HUGE number!

Everyone wants to be on page ONE of search results! If you think it will be EZ, I have a good deal on a bridge for you!
Best to….

I personally used a firm (link below) that did a 250,000 site submissions for my site. It worked great. But, results now take a few months.

Also, Get HIGH placement for your KEYWORDS!

Even when indexed by the search engines, it’s not going to help you if your keyword shows up on page 987. Sure, everyone would like their keywords to show up on page one, two or three of the returned results. But, I want to win the lottery! So? What are you going to do? One thing for sure….it will NOT be EZ!

You need GOOD/Informative content! Without this you will be wasting your time on other methods.

Below is some info that can assist you……

When someone types a specific phrase into a major search engine usually the results will show 10 site per page. These ‘organic’ sites are boxed in, usually on all sides by pay-per-click site ads.

So, in SEO theory you have to have your site placed on page one, two or three of the returned organic results to really benefit from the power of the Internet!

As an example. If someone in NY wanted a San Diego real estate broker, they would, perhaps type “San Diego real estate brokers’ into GOOGLE. If you do this today (standings change all the time), after the pay-per-click and the ‘local results’ you’ll see the first site is: You will also see (upper right)
“Results 1 – 10 of about 5,080,000 for San Diego real estate brokers.”

So, you will see that this one broker’s site (not a major real estate firm) has out ranked over FIVE MILLION other sites for this VERY POPULAR real estate search phrase!!!
Quite impressive!

After looking into the site, I also noted lots, of timely useful info in an EZ to follow site. This is VERY important! As without good ORIGINAL content you’ll NEVER have a top ranking site!

But, I also found on one of the internal pages, the name of the company that does the SEO for this site. They are:

I also visited their site, and found it too had a high Google pagerank. Plus, they had great articles on SEO and software for learning to do your own SEO.

The bad news is that any true SEO work to get on page one of Google is VERY time intensive. has a guaranteed results program…but, as it starts at $3,950.00, it’s really not for the little person.

I have downloaded their free trial SEO software, just a few days ago, so have not used it yet! But, I’m really learing alot for the free software. If they put this into an ebook, I’m sure they could sell quite a few copies!

*Also, on first link below is a website that offers about ten website and blog awards. They are FREE & even provide a link back to your site! Plus, they show the visitors that your site is a noch above the rest. Keep in mind, to get the award you have to have good info on your site and not just junk w/jumping graphics and tons of AdWords!

So, bottom line, GET THEIR FREE TRIAL SOFTWARE and even if you do NOT do anything else…you’ll learn a great deal about SEO from people who make their livelihood DOING IT!


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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

Donna asks…

The best deal for Press Release Software – Free press release for targeted traffic?

I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer.
So far the best I found was at
Anyone know of a better deal?

I have searched:

Press Release Software – Free press release for targeted traffic

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barry0912 answers:

Try this free press release distribution site

Robert asks…

How is expertise determined online?

Ok – I work with hundreds of small businesses each day and assist them in building their online presence. In fact my company motto is “We Put Web Sites to Work”. My company is established as a local expert in Internet marketing.

After years of doing this and constant recommendation that I take my knowledge out to the world beyond the confines of my practice, I am slowly building channels wherein I can express my opinion on various topics involving small business and the web. We have begun our effort under the umbrella of “Employ the Web”, our blog which contains articles and soon videos and a podcast.

Ultimately, however, the challenge is in the formula needed to position yourself as an expert in, for example, local small business marketing. How should my precious 3 hours per day that I can allocate to such promotion be allocated? Where? To be specific, let’s just assume this allocation is all for online promotion.

I’m very curious to see the replies. Thanks!

barry0912 answers:

The tried and true is actually offline: write a book, get published in industry magazines and give speeches at conferences. Eventually you might be able to do it all online like you are currently doing with blogging, podcasts, etc. But there are too many baby boomer technophobes out there still. Good luck.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing

William asks…

How do you make websites for internet marketing?

I have dedicated my life to internet marketing. I want to become an affiliate for some companies, or join MLM business and make alot of money following jonathan budd’s trainings. Jonathan budd’s training is state of the art, but he doesnt teach how to make websites or blogs. If you are an internet marketer, could please throw me some tips on where I can learn to make websites?

barry0912 answers:

Hey friend,

Firstly create blog on wordpress or blogspot. WordPress has many SEO plugins which you can use for SEO, write article with good keyword density.
For websites you have to do some Onpage and offpage optimization.
On Page activities consist of
Title tag,
Meta tag,
XML sitemap,
Alt tag etc creation and optimization

Off Page activities consist of :
Forum posting,
Do follow Blog commenting,
Directory submission,
Social bookmarking,
Business listing,
Article Submission,
RSS Submission,

Pay Per Click activity

All these activities help you for understand Internet marketing


Carol asks…

How to start a affiliate internet marketing and be successful?

I want to start my own internet marketing business, and I want to Affiliate. What tips can you guys give me to start and to be successful at it?

barry0912 answers:

Hi, Google Sniper 2 is your answer if you want to get loads of traffic without having to pay per click.

I started using this myself and was so impressed, that I made a review about it. I got to 1st page in Google within 3 days.

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