Reasons for Using Article Submission Services

Online marketers who have experienced the manual submission of their articles to blogs and directories may already know the amount of time needed and how tiresome the procedure is.  Article submission services, such as My Article Network or Linkvana, offer the site owner a way to save a lot of time that he could put to good use in other important marketing strategies.  Aside from saving you a lot of time, these types of services may also cause the creation of a far greater number of back links to your website.  The number of links that lead back to your website is vital because it is one of the factors used by search engines to determine the position of your site in their results lists whenever a person types those words or phrases that you are targeting.

Manually submitting your articles to the thousands of directories and blogs could be done free of charge and some may hesitate to pay the required fee for joining one of the article submission services, like MAN.  There is also no penalty imposed by search engines for websites that do not apply this type of service but there are competitors that you have to consider.  There will be other Internet marketers who will be targeting your keywords and phrases.  MAN and possibly other article submission services may be able to provide them with 20 or more back links during the time that you are able to manually obtain one back link.  Of course, your competitors will then have a much better chance of selling their services and products as a result of the higher rank of their websites in the results pages of the search engine for those words and phrases.  

Using one of these article submission services, such as MAN, will require a monthly investment.  However, this is an indispensable cost if you want to play on the same level as your competitors.  The difference in results may even affect the viability of your business because if your competitors get ahead of you, your sales may be so low that you are no longer making a profit and we all know that non-profitable enterprises may soon fold up.  Some of these services even offer an affiliate commission for members when they are able to recruit additional members.  Thus, your commission may even be enough to pay for the required monthly fee if you have made a sufficient number of recruits.  Article submission services, like MAN, are very much worth the fee that they charge every month because your business will not only survive but will also prosper Try clicking here for more scoop.