Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Lizzie asks…

How to get a job with GAD and Depression?

I am almost 20 and I dont have a job.. I have pretty severe anxiety/ depression so I am litterally scared to death to even attempt to put in applications because Im scared that they wont like me, or hire me EVER (ive put in 1 application in this year).. What do I do??? My mom and my sister are getting more and more aggrivated at me.

barry0912 answers:

I’m in the same situation, I’ve created my own jobs online. Try freelancing websites or learn internet marketing and seo. That’s where jobs are going to be in the future. Try a forum called blackhatworld, read it for hours and learn different methods to make money. You can pull in some serious cash once you find what you’re good at.

John asks…

What is a good email marketing solutions?

I am looking to email 8000 users on a daily basis, emailing them about every 2-3 days by deleting old users and importing new ones. I am looking for a good email marketing solution that would send emails to my users’ inbox and not mark them spam. I am looking for softwares only, or a good and cheap site thanks.

barry0912 answers:

The best is aweber… They are simply great. Its only $20 a month, you can create unlimited email lists, you can set up unlimited auto responders, and set everything on auto and its click of a button easy.

They have a spam control generator which shows your a color coded spam setting of each email you send out, you simply have to tweak things that get labeled as spam before you send it out. There is not a better service out there… Check it out at

at the site they also have a free tour you can take and kinda test drive it. Trust me its worth the 19.99/ mnth fee..

Its makes your job so much easier.

Then if you’d like you can sign up for my newsletter that I actually use this service with… The newsletter is free and it is about tips for internet martketing and website traffic buidling at

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Jobs

Robert asks…

What kind of jobs are out there for people who study psychology?

How many years of schooling and what jobs are there for people who were to major/ get a mastors/ phd in psychology and how much do they pay?

barry0912 answers:

I noticed that no one mentioned anything involving consumer psychology, which was my focus in college. I paired my psychology major with a business minor. This opened up jobs in consumer research and areas of marketing and development. You would be amazed at some of the doors a psychology degree can open. There are also jobs in the area of Human resources and social work that require psychology degrees. If you want to do consumer research you are going to want a master’s degree. Dr. Blake at Cleveland State University in Ohio is doing global research on internet shopping behavior. If this interests you the program is worth checking out. Be forewarned that this program only accepts about 6 people a year into the program.

Ken asks…

What is the easiest to attain, the most profitable Internet business one can start today? any ideas?

We feel that almost everything has been thought off on the Internet…it is almost like “internet business anxiety”

barry0912 answers:

Yes, you can make money as an online Affiliate Marketer. I’m making money online as we speak. Have started Affiliate Marketing earlier this year in March. I was making about $100 to $200 per week. Then as I learn from other Super Affiliate Marketers out there…I started making more. As of August 2009, I’m earning over $1,000 / week as an Affiliate Marketer. The learning curve is different for each person, but if you take the time to learn about affiliate marketing, then the rewards will be there for you.
The best way of making money online without spending a lot money is to be an Affiliate Marketer. You don’t need a website nor do you need any products. As an affiliate marketer you will market products for various companies that will pay you a commission for selling their products. (Commission is usually from 50% to 75%). So you don’t need a website; you don’t have to call anyone to sell them a product; you don’t need to join any mlm; You just need to refer people to the site of their interests and earn a commission.
Where do you learn all about these products? Check out . This is a market place to find vendors who are looking for affiliates to market their products. It costs nothing to sign up with them and nothing to start.
There are so many online methods you can use to drive traffic to these various sites you are promoting. Some of these methods include: blogging, Pay Per Click (PPC), Article Writing, eMail Marketing, and much more. To learn more about these methods, I recommend the beginners to learn from experienced Affiliate Marketers such as Ewen Chia, Michael Jones, Mack Michaels, Bobby Walker, Adell Chowdhry, and Kris Trujillo. These are some of the true Affiliate Marketers out there with great success.
Only down side is cost of advertising and getting the words out. However, this is the only type of business where you can start part time and one day earn as much as your FT job. FYI..,I started this part time 6 months ago and within 6 months..I’m earning more PT then my regular FT job. Crazy..,but true, How much you put into, you’ll get out of it as well.
In addition, I also recommend learning from the Super Affiliate Marketers out there that can eliminate your time and efforts by teaching you how to market products for free and the various methods that are available for you to use. You can find more information on Affiliate Marketing at
Save yourself time and invest in yourself and learn and you’ll soon make money online. You can start making $100 to $200/day within the next 3 days, but you have to start today and learn. It can be frustrating, but the learning curve is shorter when you learn from an Affiliate Marketer guru. can start even today after reading this post. It sounds crazy, but it’s all true.
Here’s my recommended steps to online success — 1) Learn from an Affiliate Marketer 2) go to and find a product to promote. Very easy, but takes a little effort to learn the secrets of the gurus.

Good Luck,

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

James asks…

Desperately need to find a VERY ACTIVE forum, support group, chat or social network to discuss my issues?

Hi people

First of all, why does the Internet seem so dead and lonely?. I have been suffereing miserably with anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, etc lately and yet I can’t seem to find any forums, supports groups or chat rooms where there are people I can converse with and relate to. Most forums are dead, all of the active chat rooms are full of nasty talk and trolls and social networks want too much information to make me feel comfortable about joining them.

There are several major social networks I was really excited about joining but since I plan to talk about very personal (and often embarrassing) medical issues, I don’t want to have to provide my full name, date of birth, zip code, phone number, etc. I have also been stalked a few times in the past and I just don’t like the trade-off of having to lay my life out just for the privilage and having a conversation.

Is there any place I can go to talk to other like-minded people (preferably a very active health-type site) and where I can just use a screen name (ie; “fred123”)?. I don’t want to be watched, monitored, stalked, have my information sold to some marketing agency, be asked for my “full name” (or other personal info) that might identify me to some stalker, etc. I just want to TALK.

Thanks for any help, Nick

barry0912 answers:

Hi, Nick –

Wow, I agree with you – there indeed are too many (probably-for-profit) websites that publicize how they have all these different peer support groups – but then you go in, and find that most of those “groups” are just dark, empty alleys, where you might read of a couple of old “cries for help” in the unresponded-to-messages on the wall.

Here’s one that I hope you find most helpfully different…

Psych Central Forums
First, go to the 2nd category, “Mental Health Support,”
and see the two message board sections there:
– Anxiety, Panic and Phobias
But also go down to the 4th category, “Health & Other Support,” to see if one of those message sections there might be appropriate to sharing & discussing your “personal medical issues.”

Two other websites to check out, to see if any are “for you”…

Panic Survivor
Click on “Survivor Forums” on left.
See the message boards for those who suffer from different form of anxiety. The focus at this website is on setting your own personal goals, day-to-day survival skills, and recovery.

Panic Center
Message boards and tools for those who have panic attacks.

It’s been a long time since I registered with these websites, so I don’t recall the precise details. I hope they are acceptable to you.

In any case, wishing you the very best.

– Ed

David asks…

Are Q & A forums such as this going to replace Usenet forums?

It’s apparent that Yahoo and others are cashing in on the Q & A forum market. While generally good for internet users, I’m wondering whether this kind of thing is going to replace Usenet. I’ve always found the old-fashioned internet newsgroups to be a good source of knowledge.
Usenet’s adoption into the Google Groups utility has made it a lot more user friendly in the last few years, making it even more similar to Yahoo Answers.

barry0912 answers:

Not likely…

For one thing there are newsgroups where vendors such as Microsoft provide direct support for their products and they are not going to migrate to a product from say a Yahoo.

BTW I answered your license question, correctly I might add unlike all the other answers.

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Just one. Whats causing all those breakouts Skin can be either oily dried out a combination of both sensitive or susceptibe to pimples. Is it anything youre eating or doing for you to yur skin thats the dilemma That may be hard to tell and a visit to a new Dermatologist might be a good plan if your acne condition is severe. Whether you visit your medical doctor or not you should realize that there are tons of products available to deal with acne.
Lots of people with blemishes are apt to have oily skin although combination and dry areas are not unusual. Make an effort to select a cleanser which is specially formulated for this skin tone disorder as they will most likely contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid solution which can help the skin regrow itself faster. Benzoyl porno indir Regarding bad cases regarding acne try 10 benzoyl peroxide and for mild to be able to moderate cases 5-10 is usually the recommended concentration.
In addition a good toner is vital for keeping pores restricted and unclogged. Either squirt the toner specifically onto the face or apply with a cotton ball. For oily type skin try a toner using three percent bleach and for normal or even dry skin many people cant live without the inexpensive witch hazel. Rubbing alcohol will be mistakenly used for significant cases of fatty skin as it basically dries out the skin a great deal more than necessary doing the irritation along with acne ultimately worse.
You can also use a moisturizing lotion if your skin is dry. Choose a light non-comedogenic moisturizer a treadmill thats are oil-free so as not to aggravate acne and also blemishes. Some of the superior moisturizers also consist of antibacterial agents and keep acne causing bacteria at bay.
When using makeup choose an oil-free foundation and people who are designed for use using acne or hypersensitive skin. Any type of weighty makeup including people for eye along with cheek color will probably clog pores and also instigate an zits flare-up.
2. Drink plenty of water. Simply put water is vital for our skin as well as for alot of functions and the different parts of the body. Without normal water we wouldnt make it and neither would the outer skin. Be sure to drink no less than eight glasses of h2o each day to keep your pores and skin and body well replenished with water.
3. Guard Your skin layer. All skin yet especially skin which is sensitive or thats acne should be resistant to the suns harmful Sun rays. The sun can give much needed vitamin N however 15 minutes or possibly even longer a day early in the actual morning is all which is necessary for a healthy day-to-day dose.
By the way a somewhat dangerous myth is that getting a sunburn may help clear up acne speedily as it causes your skin layer to peel as well as regenerate. While that part is true this also speeds up the aging process and significantly increases the risks of skin cancer.
4. Take it easy on your skin. Rubbing or scrubbing your face may actually cause permanent scarring along with exacerbate acne. Also skin without zits should be cleansed very carefully to avoid damaging the fragile tissue. Remember to occurs hands instead of some kind of washcloth or cosmetic cleansing pad to prevent rupturing or frustrating acne sores. When youre able to to safely exfoliate to gently remove dead cellular material use a gentle polish made from natural ingredients for example ground walnuts as opposed to solutions with potentially robust or harsh materials.
If you need to reduce the does not last long and inflammation have a tendency to accompanies acne attempt crushing an pain killers into a bit of lemon juice and then applying the mix to the most impacted areas of the face right before bedtime. Some folks use toothpaste not solution as a spot-treatment on zits blemishes but this process may actually burn the epidermis doing more harm than good. Another home remedy that many swear by is taking the zinc vitamin capsule every day.
5. Minimize Anxiety and Stress. Stress and tension have more of an effect on the caliber of our skin than we may realize and for several may directly contribute to breakouts or accentuate acne. Its important to complete whatever is necessary to help remedy stress and find period for relaxation.
6. Take your time. It may take 4 to 8 weeks to notice a change when changing your current skin care regimen to a acne-friendly one. Most acne breakouts skin care products whether or not prescription or over-the-counter strength may take a month or perhaps two to show positive results. Dont give up to soon.
If you pay attention to these kind of things you might simply end up with clearer and also healthier looking epidermis. Benzoyl porno indir Fictitious Beliefs about Adult Pimples
1 Jawline pimples isnt abnormal. An document through the Journal in the American Academy of Dermatology states that 50 of women ages 20-29 and 25 of ladies ages 40-49 are impacted by acne.
2 Jawline acne is just not caused by lack of washing. From one more guide in the Journal for the American Academy of dermatology scientists havent been able to indicate any connection amongst absence of washing and acne outbreaks.
3 Adult jawline pimples is practically nothing being embarrassed about. As you can see over 50 of younger grownup women of all ages suffer from some level of grownup acne.


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The Answer is YES!

Can I Truly Earn Money Online?

People read about it just about all the time, but later that old proverb , when it seems too good to be real , it probably is, goes off in your head. That’s not real truth speaking , that’s panic. Fear of the unknown , anxiety about failing. The reality is individuals earn money online everyday , 365 days per year , another little truth is there is no such thing as a weekend break once you begin working for yourself , this is especially true from your home. If generating income online weren’t a real possibility , Forbes magazine would not be covering it, but they do. Not surprisingly , they were speaking about the major guns on the internet. The individuals , and / or organizations creating hundreds of thousands , even hundreds of millions each year , yet there are lots of them. And for every single mega-company generating thousands and thousands , there are many more making good , but more everyday revenue.

How Could The Average Man or woman Get Started Earning Cash Online?

Well, the bottom line is you can find as many methods of make money online as you will find people performing it. For each technique , there’s also a multitude of strategies to carry out each one. The most common techniques are blogging for cash and affiliate marketing.

Operating a blog is a common method for beginning your journey since it is easy , most people know how to do it , plus even those who have never created a blog site are able to learn easily and quickly. Each of the basic strategies are very far separated , 1 creates a few bucks and the alternative offers the potential to create thousands a month. The first strategy is to compose financed articles. There are companies you are able to join designed to supply you with articles or blog posts to compose in your blog for companies looking for word of mouth advertisings. They do not pay very well , nevertheless they can provide reasonably frequent work for the normal writer. The 2nd technique is to write a blog about an extremely well-known concept and obtain lots of frequent visitors. Following that , supplying ad space, or inserting affiliate links for relevant issues on the blog can easily rake in 1000s of dollars on a monthly basis.

Blogging and full-blown affiliate internet marketing start off being identical , the blog writers adding affiliate marketing links to their personal blogs are starting out upon the trail of the internet marketer. A few make the cross over to full-blown affiliate marketing , other people are satisfied to keep simply acquiring clicks on the arbitrary links they put on their own blogs and forums.

Genuine affiliate marketers go a step over and above simply just placing hyperlinks on associated weblogs , they create landing pages , single web-page marketing copy to tout the merchandise , and employ e-mail lists along with other ways of developing a potential audience devoted to that merchandise. The benefit to affiliate marketing online is that you simply don’t need to concern yourself with the irritation of offering and selling advertisement space on the weblog , you’ll be able to load your advertising space with your own affiliate products.

In addition , the beauty of affiliate marketing online is you never need to make a product of your own. You can promote somebody else’s design , and you can promote as many of these items as you’ve got the time and energy to promote.

Really the only error you could make when starting your very own new on line venture is letting anxieties and reservations stop you. Get started now , and find out how much fun it could be to earn money online from your own home.