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Chris asks…

i’ve looked for a job all over the internet, but i have a bachelors and all the jobs are useless, now what?

hi, i’ve been to monster, careerbuilder, hotjobs, and craigslist and no luck pertaining to me having a bachelors, specifically a bachelors in business, specializing in marketing IMC. i’ve been looking about two to three times a week and none of the jobs are good — they’re all implicitly shady, i just feel it. what can i do to find a job without looking at these sites? thank you 🙂
sorry for my brief and unclear explanation of my experience. by shady, i mean, just about all of the company profiles seem to primarily utilize cold calling, door to door, or dirty sales techniques to exist. i got a degree so i don’t have to do that. i have 2 years experience in customer service, but that’s all. i’m 23 and just graduated a month ago. thanks all 🙂

barry0912 answers:

Get off the internet.

Most people do not find jobs through the job web sites like monster etc.

I work as an adjuster. I have marketing reps with vendors (restoration companies, rental companies etc) that we use visit me often. There job is to try to get me to use them – instead of the other guy.

Sure, they post ads on the internet and in industry publications.

But they get my business, because they come into my office an meet me. They bring managment to my office to meet me. So that if I have a problem – I know the manager and can call them to get the problem solved. They get my business, not because of the internet ads, but because of the interpersonal relationship they take the time to develop with me.

All job hunting is … marketing. But instead of selling a service you are selling yourself.

So, if you are selling yourself… Why would you hang everything on the internet –, I don’t have marketing degree….but I doubt a sucessful marketing strategy relies only on 1 soure.

So, keep searching the internet and the sunday paper. Also search state and federal goverment web sites. Many communities have their own career finder website for local companies- search those.

Go meet and register with every employment agency you can. You can get some temp work – so the money will help. And many companies do not post job openings– but use temp agencies to screen potential employees.

Join the local Jaycees. Get to know people. Let them know you are looking for a job. Many people find jobs b/c they knew someone at the company. Develop a network.

Get involved in volunteer work. You may meet someone at that volunteer fundraiser that is a potential job connection. And, since you are not working – you have the time and it helps to build your resume. Pick something you are interested in and get involved. The only thing it will cost you is time– and you have that.

Let every friend and family member know you are looking for a job and are open to anything.

Don’t restrict yourself. There are way more marketing majors than marketing jobs. So, be willing to look at any job you qualify for. You may find that you end up in an industry that you never thought you would be in – but love.

Start sending out resumes and cover letters. Make sure there are no mistakes in either. They must be perfect or they get tossed.

Make sure to have a resume that applies to the job you are looking for. Don’t send a resume to an insurance company to apply for an adjusters position with an objective that says you are looking for a job in the marketing field.

Be sure that your resume stresses the experience/education that applies to that job.
An insurance company will want to see a 4 year college degree and good customer service skills, time management, organization. So, make sure your resume reflects those values. But this may not be what a marketing position wants — they may be more interested in your education.

If you don’t have experience in a specific field, you usually need a contact in the company. So really “network”. If the company has an opening, the fact that an employee recommended you will greatly increase your chance of getting an interview. It won’t get you the job (you still have to do that in the interview) but it will go a long way to getting you the interview.

I have a history degree. When I got out of college, I went to work as an assistant manager in a retail store. I had a family connection. I did that for a year and got some good customer service experince and a good dose of “grow up”. I then got on with a major insurance company. (Again, I had another family member that worked with that company in a different state). I was hired to work as an insurance adjuster.

I have been working as an adjuster for 12 years now. I’m in a profession where I can take care of myself and support a family. When I was in college – could I have told you this would be the profession I’d be in? No.

So, be open to any opportunity that presents itself and start developing and working your network. A company is not going to just show up at your door begging you to work for them… have to work hard and find that job.

Good Luck.

Mark asks…

Positions In Marketing?

Okay I’m currently working on my AA Degree in Business. But what I really want to get into is Marketing/Advertising. So far all I know about positions in Marketing is a Marketing Executive. Can anyone please tell me what are the positions in Marketing/Advertising starting from the bottom all the way to the top!!

barry0912 answers:

US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers

Advertising managers. Advertising managers direct a firm’s or group’s advertising and promotional campaign. They can be found in advertising agencies that put together advertising campaigns for clients, in media firms that sell advertising space or time, and in companies that advertise heavily. They work with sales staff and others to generate ideas for the campaign, oversee a creative staff that develops the advertising, and work with the finance department to prepare a budget and cost estimates for the campaign.

Marketing managers. Marketing managers work with advertising and promotion managers to promote the firm’s or organization’s products and services. With the help of lower level managers, including product development managers and market research managers, marketing managers estimate the demand for products and services offered by the firm and its competitors and identify potential markets for the firm’s products. .

Promotions managers. Promotions managers direct promotions programs that combine advertising with purchasing incentives to increase sales. Often, the programs are executed through the use of direct mail, inserts in newspapers, Internet advertisements, in-store displays, product endorsements, or other special events.

Public relations managers. Public relations managers plan and direct public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for the employer or client. For example, they might write press releases or sponsor corporate events to help maintain and improve the image and identity of the company or client.

In large organizations, public relations managers may supervise a staff of public relations specialists. (See the Handbook statement on public relations specialists.) They also work with advertising and marketing staffs to make sure that the advertising campaigns are compatible with the image the company or client is trying to portray. In addition, public relations managers may handle internal company communications, such as company newsletters, and may help financial managers produce company reports. They may assist company executives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintaining other forms of public contact; oversee company archives; and respond to requests for information. Some of these managers handle special events as well, such as the sponsorship of races, parties introducing new products, or other activities that the firm supports in order to gain public attention through the press without advertising directly.

Sales managers. Sales managers direct the distribution of the product or service to the customer. They assign sales territories, set sales goals, and establish training programs for the organization’s sales representatives. (See the Handbook statement on sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing).

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Blog

William asks…

how to find and track same people who saw the TV Ad or read blog actually bought/register the product/service?

I would like to track and find out how effective was my advertisement or web blog or Webinar. Out of X people who visited my website/blog/webinar, Y people registered for my service or bought my product?

How do marketing guru’s get this feedback ? old ideas like surveys and new ideas like american-idol-send-sms-call-page can be used to do this on TV ad. but my specific question is with regards to internet.

barry0912 answers:

Have a different landing page for each advertising or marketing campaign. Say for example your site is For TV ad, show the URL; while for the blog put

By having different landing pages for each campaign, you’ll know:

1. How many people actually come in to your website because of specific advertising campaigns or mediums (even keywords used in pay per click advertising)

2. How many of these visitors actually convert to sales or registration, whatever the end result may be

Then have a web tracking software that incorporates funnel analysis, which basically shows you what that person does from landing the page; whether that person proceeds to your predefined goal (whether purchase or registration); and if not, at what step of the process do they leave. Examples of web tracking software that includes funnel analysis are Google Analytics (free), and Webside Story’s HBX (very expensive).

Mary asks…

I have a message/idea that I want share. How do I go about writing it all down and getting it published?

I was told the following: I have to be:

– an expert on the subject.
– I should know 10 words for every word I write.
For example If I write on success, I should already be successful. If I write on money, I should already be rich. If I write on relationships, I should already be happily married.

Granted and I accept that, otherwise what is the point of the book?

I would like to hear from people who have succesfully written non-fiction or fiction. Although my topic is going to be non-fiction I would like know how you went about it? How can I use the Internet to assist me in doing so? For example, having a blog, a website, email and so forth. And what about marketing the final publication on the Internet? This looks like a daunting task on its own. I look forward to your comments.

barry0912 answers:

Well, I’m also an aspiring writer, and it looks like what you’ve been told is true. Personally I would find it much harder to write non-fiction than fiction.
Check out They have an excellent annual book that tells you where to find the info that you need to get started. Good luck!

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Solarmovie work on ps3 app

Internet article marketing is a great way to promote your businesss website while also showing off your expertise in a particular field or set of fields. As any good marketer knows your business is not likely to advertise by itself. On-line short article promotion is definitely an cheap beneficial and pretty non-time consuming exercise that might bring loads of website traffic and gross sales to your businesss websites. Some caveats while-
Really dont allow for World-wide-web write-up advertising to get up far too considerably of the precious time When undertaking Web write-up marketing and advertising dont count on an automated program to jot down your article content If youre not the greatest writer inside the globe thats okay. Solarmovie work on ps3 app World wide web piece of writing merchandising does not consider Shakespearian creating skills Before you start firing away produce an internet posting promoting approach to maximise the probable perks in the minimum period of time
On-line posting marketing and advertising is a crucial component of a flourishing on the net organization but youll find it even now just a piece. Just like you wouldnt place all of your expense eggs into a person basket you shouldnt set all of your current time and power into Net report advertising. Set time-limit goals for your self when producing content pieces being marketed over the internet. Just about the most beneficial process of On-line guide marketing and advertising is obtaining a advantageous balance in between time efficiency and high quality.
When undertaking an internet guide selling campaign one of the worst factors it is easy to do is count on an automated World wide web post advertising provider to put in writing your content articles in your case. The content are supposed to get a demonstration within your know-how not anyone elses. Not merely do automated Web-based post selling solutions run you the risk of currently being very poor high quality in addition they operate the great danger of harmful your popularity as a guru in your own unique area or set of fields. Were all about creating online business easier but this is a single avenue that offers no shortcuts.
But its possible youre thinking that youre not the top author on Gods green earth or you really dont know Search engine optimization very perfectly and that Online world report merchandising could really have a very bad effect on your business at worst. It is the place an Search engine optimisation and SEM organization can are available in to supply some helpful companies for your personal home business. Countless Search engine marketing and SEM organizations can clearly show you the right way to write the best articles or blog posts inside of your field for your best On-line short article promotion campaign for a payment. It wont get lengthy to understand ways to journey the web short article selling bike and improve your businesss income.
Making an internet posting advertising and marketing system can indicate the main difference around decreasing time you spend on just about every report in addition to the success of every Net posting advertising and marketing marketing campaign and ineffective time use and an ineffective Online world guide advertising and marketing marketing campaign. Right here are a number of the issues you need to give some thought to despite the fact that constructing your Online marketing system-
Whos my viewers What exactly are the keywords and phrases I will be implementing in my World-wide-web article selling campaigns How typically will I have the ability to carry out an internet report advertising marketing campaign The amount of time should really I commit to each World wide web write-up advertising campaign How can I make each and every of my Online post marketing and advertising campaigns exclusive from my opponents you need to have researched your opposition to work out how theyve reached Online world posting marketing results
Should you necessitate assistance at any stage in the Net post promotion campaign there is plenty of aid online. You can find quite a few Website positioning and SEM suppliers which can take complete duty of ones World wide web document marketing and advertising campaigns not having a damage of top notch subject matter on your distinct markets. What ever route you decide on to travel remember which the purpose of a web short article promotion marketing campaign is usually to increase returns per unit of time and energy expended. Business enterprise proprietors you should not have unlimited quantities of time so it is very important to create the ideal out of the tiny time you do need to enhance organization victory. Web-based document promotion is a vital component in accomplishing this goal.
Solarmovie work on ps3 app Although the home and garden store in ones local area is a good option for home and garden products for their residence there is another option available to individuals who wish to acquire products of this sort which happens to be place and backyard on-line looking. A person can decide to purchase lots of several kinds of dwelling and backyard things over the internet and also have them transported proper to their door. Theres a lot of completely different purposes to take into consideration family home and garden on the internet procuring.
Among the many nice elements about internet purchasing is definitely the usefulness issue surrounding it. An individual can search for ideal things online order them by using a protected web-site then have them delivered ideal to their front door in a couple of days time. The ease variable is amongst the most important motives why people do a lot of their procuring via the internet.

Beginner Marketing Mistakes

Biggest Error Beginning Online marketers Make with Affiliate Internet Marketing

Affiliate marketing is popular as an online income creator for both novices and professional entrepreneurs alike. It is not too difficult to get started with, and also it does not cost much, if any money to accomplish it. A success in many ways. Nonetheless, it’s not foolproof. Many newbie internet marketers begin having visions of piles of money, as well as huge dreams only to surrender in disappointment. The issue is not really with affiliate marketing online but with the techniques used to handle it. There is one deadly mistake several startups make, they can become scattered.

A lot of emerging affiliate marketers become scattered because of desperation, other folks just because they cannot select only one item to back.

The Difficulty of Frustration

The anxious newbie internet marketers make an appearance in two different ways. The 1st set gets going thinking they have to start lots of affiliate program advertising campaigns to achieve the most exposure. The idea is apparently to publish numerous diverse advertising campaigns and pray just one hits big, or perhaps a number of them show just a little profit to make 1 significant profit.

The other group of frantic inexperienced web marketers do start out with only one item, and these people work the item quite hard for several months and then hope it’s going to take off and produce plenty of money monthly instantly. Maybe that they have followed the glamorous suggestions of many of the teachers ensuring quick and simple money by using affiliate promotion. Real truth be told, you can find riches, however it is work. If this was not work, most people would probably do it, plus it almost certainly wouldn’t reward well. If these people fail to start seeing immediate revenue in the quantities that they have imagined, these people become anxious and start looking for the product or service that can do it for them, and soon they’re working just like the scatter online advertiser from the 1st set of distressed marketers.

The Choice Situation

The other kind of online marketer who gets caught up in the scatter way of affiliate marketing online is the one that finds many wonderful products which they really have faith in, that they cannot pick and choose. There are a lot of wonderful products. A lot of those products have verified internet track records. It really is difficult to choose, but you need to.

Avoiding the Scatter

The true secret to staying away from the scatter because of desperation is usually to be reasonable about how quickly your online profits will develop. Brick and mortar business take time to develop and so do online versions. The fact is that it really is easier online, and also overhead is almost nil makes the web business a lot more stable, but it still needs a great deal of diligence and also time to get it to the place it is generating a income. When you are desperate for money, try doing work part time, or perhaps keeping your current daytime job when you have 1 as you develop your enterprise online.

Tips on how to Pick the Best Product to market

For those who simply are unable to choose the best product, and really feel compelled to market each and every great idea on the market, stop and breathe deeply. First of all, the whole thought of focusing on one, or at most two things in the first place does not imply you’ll never promote some other product. It implies that you ought to focus all of your energy and time upon each of them separately until they surge in value before including more.

Decide on your sector 1st. Choose an issue you’re excited about for the theme. If it’s weight reduction, fitness, baking, offshore fishing or basket weaving, it’s advisable that you choose things it is possible to identify with to help you promote the associated item with that very same zeal and also expertise. Needless to say, you don’t have to love it, but most sales representatives, whether they operate on the internet and / or in the real world, will tell you that the best sales agents have faith in the merchandise they’re promoting.

Get all types of affiliate marketing tips on the Internet

Do you dream large when it comes to enterprise? Then you might as well try affiliate marketing and advertising tactics. This internet advertising and marketing strategy assists you expand your company and maximize your clientele. The world wide web has grow to be a heaven for men and women who are in search of affiliate marketing tips. There are numerous sites and portals on the net exactly where you can uncover info on affiliate advertising and marketing. All you will need to do is identify the target audience of your website. Affiliate marketing and advertising is that aspect of marketing where you invest minimum capital and earn maximum profit on the internet. As web is a versatile forum, a lot of folks have started out their micro enterprise startups. Several have even started operate from house corporations where they are capable to chat with their customers and sell their merchandise to on the internet consumers.

Affiliate marketing and advertising occasionally overlaps with world wide web advertising tactics such as Search engine marketing and advertising, Display marketing. An affiliate is really business which represents and sells and promotes an additional organizations items. For example if famous quick food Restaurant A would like to sell its goods to a distinct region exactly where in they do not have any industry then it may strategy other restaurants such as restaurant B and restaurant C in that region to sell its branded goods on its behalf. Hence the affiliates right here play a essential role in bringing buyers for the parent business.

The world’s biggest quick food chains and established retail chains have been ready to reach globally largely due to these cost successful marketing techniques. On the internet, these affiliates are largely in the type of internet sites. These affiliate websites support in promoting the brand or product of a company and assists in pushing maximum number of web guests to the company’s web site. Hence it positive aspects both the brand owners as properly as the affiliates involved in promoting that brand. Affiliate marketing and advertising through internet sites mostly carried out with the assist of SEM and Search engine marketing methods. Here they generate suitable contact on affiliate internet sites in order to promote the brand of firms as effectively as its products and services.

Affiliate advertising and marketing content material helps 1 web site generate traffic for another internet site. This in turn aids the concerned organization to convey its message indirectly to a larger target audience and maximize sale.

The newbie affiliate ideas is a very cost efficient strategy, and with the rise of internet users in the digital age, the will need for organization site has turn out to be even a lot more eminent. This web marketing and advertising technique is greatest way of expanding your organization on the web. It is also not as time consuming as other marketing strategies. With this advertising and marketing strategy, you will be able develop your company in record time and nonetheless rake in large revenues for your company and organization with no investing much on your marketing and advertising campaigns. If you really feel that this sort of the advertising methods will boost sales and recognition of your brand in the marketplace, then you try surfing the world wide web to commence affiliate marketing and advertising.

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