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Donna asks…

Is there any Internet Marketing guru who would be happy if I promoted his successful internet money maker?

Is there any Internet Marketing guru who would be happy if I promoted his successful internet money maker?
As long as you are a genuine internet marketing guru, webmaster or seo specialist with your genuine money making internet or ecommerce business, I would be happy to start learning from your experience and knowledge by simply promoting your successful online money making system and of course making my money out of it.
Please, understand I am an absolute beginner (not a fool though) in this field and tell me what you have to offer and how we could start working and making money together.
Many Thanks and may God Continue To Bless!

barry0912 answers:

If your looking for internet marketing and want to make some extra cash check out my blog. Http://

Its a good way for you to get started in internet marketing and make some extra cash along the way. (You can also experiment with what works and what doesnt) Most average people make 50 to 100 bucks their first month(for a few hours of work), but as you can see from my blog, those that know how to market make alot more

Carol asks…

your opinion about internet marketing on a free piano lessons free-blog?

im on the way to make a free piano lessons free-blog,can you tell me exacly ideas on how to make money out of this? and how many money i can make per month,

some ideas are:
– affiliate marketing in one tab
– some buyable stuff like e-book
– maybe some skype call lessons
– maybe some advertises(but the money from this it will be extremly low due the small amount of views)
– a system that customers tell me which song they like to learn on piano and i will tell them how to learn it with a small amount of money

any other opinion? will this work? and how many money i will make per month! thanks!

barry0912 answers:

A music blog will not be a huge money maker–especially one giving free lessons.

You can set-up an opt-in form for a free newsletter or eBook like you were thinking then market to your list.

But I would suggest having useful content (blog), images and videos on your site, some Adsense ads, a music related product from Clickbank or another product site and charge a small fee (at least) for your lessons.

Also, determine who your target audience/market will be and market to them. Like teenagers are into music but are they really going to take lessons or visit a site offering lessons? But parents of younger kids may very well be interested in your lessons for their children so they are more apt to visit your site.

Anyway, don’t expect to make a great deal of cash unless you decide to charge for your services. However, having Adsense ads etc. Like I suggested above may just recoup your costs to maintain the site.

Oh, you can contact the company below for a free one-hour consultation. They can help you come up with a detailed internet marketing strategy and implement the strategy as well.

I wish you the best!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

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Steven asks…

what are the best places to advertise commercial real estate on the internet?

i’m trying to bring my company up to speed with the internet market… what are the best places to advertise or link my website for commercial real estate?

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barry0912 answers:

The best ways to advertise are pay per click, banner ads, and search engine optimization.

All 3 of them will cost you, especially if you dont know what you are doing. Search engine optimization is a constant process and will take some time to show up.

If you want quick results, free online advertising is a cost effective way to boost traffic instantly. There are a lot of free online advertising sites but most are BS, or dont bring in enough traffic.

Here is a link to the best completely free online advertising websites with high traffic:

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Charles asks…

If someone runs a public server on a residential internet connection, how long can they do it for?

Okay, so I know that the internet company‘s say not to do it, I don’t care about that. What I am wondering is how long can someone run a public server until someone notices or cares?

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barry0912 answers:

You might check with your ISP.
Does it say public? Or does it say business? Usually its a server that offers the same services as the ISP for less money that gets bit. Its not usually written as Residential vs Public. Its usually written as a Residential connection vs a Business connection.

Ive run a personal server for 7 years now on my DSL with two different ISPs and no problem at all. Ive often called my tech support and made it clear that I was running a server. Ive offered the ISPs services for “friends, family, and things I like to support”. Ive taken donations to keep it running. Ive had no problems.

But I bet if I marketed myself as a cut-rate domain host running off their system they would bite me.

Here is abit of a writeup on what Im doing…

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Strategies

Nancy asks…

Which of the following marketing messages are consumers most likely to trust?

A TV commercial
An article about the company in a city newspaper
An Internet advertisement
A phone conversation with an employee of the company

Which of the following can help you evaluate the performance of your ads and other marketing strategies?

Asking competitors what they think of your advertising strategy
Collecting secondary data about your target market
Asking customers how they found out about your company or product
Sending out a press release multiple times

barry0912 answers:

Theres no better trust than 1 to 1. But, your question depends on the power of the advert. Plus, phone conversations are next best thing to 1 to 1, but only if they know you are calling. We all expect a sales call dont we, and we all hate em. To evaluate performance of ads? Ask the people who bothered to react why they bothered? Ask as many people as you can what they think of you ads and put the info together to get an idea.

Robert asks…

Describe several B2B technologies and applications?


Your brother owns a gourmet food company named Grandma’s Treats, and he is faced with an interesting decision. He inherited your grandmother’s recipe box and adapted the recipes to accommodate his wife’s diabetes. You, your friends, and relatives couldn’t tell that his creations were low sugar, and word of his delicious baked goods spread throughout the community. Last year, he left his full-time job to produce and sell his creations to the public, caterers, and restaurants. Recently, one of his restaurant chain clients approached him to supply all of their locations. They also suggested that he could attract more customers and operate his business more effectively if he creates a website, advertises, and sells his “treats” on the World Wide Web. You have more business experience than your brother does, so you’ve offered to help him investigate this opportunity. Starting an e-business, or expanding a current business into the Internet, involves as much planning and risk
as starting or expanding a traditional business. Some of the things that you have to consider include:

The cost of the technology.
The design of the website.
The marketing strategies you will use.
The choices of what to sell and how to sell it over the Internet.
The advantages of online communication with customers and suppliers.
The risks of doing business on the Internet.
You start exploring alternatives and seek the advice of experienced e-business professionals. There is a lot to learn, and you have heard many stories about people who have started e-businesses (or traditional businesses) and end up failing because they did not have or follow a solid plan.
You will strive to understand some of the basic principles of e-business in addition to understanding traditional business strategies so you can make wise choices as you bring your brother’s business into the Information Age. The varieties of tasks you will pursue are the development of an e-commerce plan, the exploration of different technologies that are used competitively in e-business, Internet marketing strategies, security, and ethics.

Describe several B2B technologies and applications, as well as describe several applications or ways B2C can use technology that Grandma’s Treats could utilize as part of an e-business strategy. Search the Cybrary and provide at least two research citations that illustrate examples of companies that are utilizing e-business strategies (e.g., B2B, B2C), and discuss how Grandma’s Treats could benefit from employing similar strategies.

barry0912 answers:

Visit and

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Can you watch solar movies on iphone

Being an au courant hip and happening person in the 21st century you are probably rich in all the latest incredible gadgets like the i phone the iPod and the apple ipad. Since there isnt still an iTelevision in the market isnt it about time you brought guys greatest invention the house theater to your unique household Lucky in your case its just a simple Only two step installation.
Step one- Purchasing the paraphernalia. If you are downright bored of watching the same serials in addition to shows on your age-old CRT television it really is but obvious that particular would take the decision to get a state-of-the-art home theater installation which will take your activity up a few notches Visual media with its pinnacle connected with influence advertises a variety of theater systems huge screen TVs in addition to projectors. Each company tries to sell their solution and the buyer finally ends up very confused. Sadly in the spider-web of specifics many a simple truth is strangled. Choosing the right components is necessary for the successful installation and running in your home theater. Can you watch solar movies on iphone
A critical part of the home theater system other than it antenna installation would be the video projector. Depending on what you need to watch and where there are a few deciding components- brightness contrast pixel denseness color resolution Tv set screen size and convenience. When you are at a shop be sure you ask about these kinds of factors so you can help to make an informed decision. For example if the size of the living room if modest it is better to get a projector with a lesser contrast relation as sharp lighting will increase the stress on the eye.

Another point that many tend to overlook would be the color reproduction. You cannot assume all projectors display color with similar intensity. Check to be sure it is not overly discolored or red primarily based as that decreases the image clarity. An excellent trick is to meticulously note the color inside the brightest and darkest areas of the image. Nearly all projectors have adjustable settings that let you fine-tune the color and brightness perception want during the installation.
The great thing about TV projector installations is it is the cheapest way to get your own home theater. Should you be mostly interested in observing movies with a drive-in result you do not need to invest in a higher definition large tv screen television. With the deservingly adjusted screen size in addition to resolution even a thicker white sheet for the garage door could act as a perfect seeing medium. If you intent to apply it outdoors or in a range of locations it is best to go along with something lightweight and also sturdy. Also TV screens come in a variety of sizes and materials. For a good understanding image output expect youll spend a bit with something suitable for a projector.

An LCD or even DLP TV projector is not minimal by the limitations of the slide projector. Not only can an individual watch movies and shows you can also use it at your workplace for to accomplish fabulous presentations know-how transfer demonstrate brief videos etc as well as totally wow your own audience Can you watch solar movies on iphone Yes solar garden lighting might cost a little more to buy than digital lights but if youre someone who cares about the earth then you could seriously consider keeping them. But that is not all. Did you know that these lights you will save money as well Affirmed when you are initially purchasing light it will cost you a little more but remember the running costs are almost nothing when you are running them in solar power. Therefore in the long run you could save a substantial amount of money on your electricity bill.
Dont forget solar garden lights do not need cabling and thus you could save income here as well. Besides while you are installing them there is no need to dig up the garden for the wiring. Obviously it could break your own heart if you have to pull up the finely kept grass and even uproot some of the plants. That is why there are numerous people today who prefer these lights over the traditional ones.
Solar Garden Lights Could be Installed Anywhere
One particular great advantage of these equipment and lighting is that you can install them practically anywhere you please.