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Chris asks…

i’ve looked for a job all over the internet, but i have a bachelors and all the jobs are useless, now what?

hi, i’ve been to monster, careerbuilder, hotjobs, and craigslist and no luck pertaining to me having a bachelors, specifically a bachelors in business, specializing in marketing IMC. i’ve been looking about two to three times a week and none of the jobs are good — they’re all implicitly shady, i just feel it. what can i do to find a job without looking at these sites? thank you 🙂
sorry for my brief and unclear explanation of my experience. by shady, i mean, just about all of the company profiles seem to primarily utilize cold calling, door to door, or dirty sales techniques to exist. i got a degree so i don’t have to do that. i have 2 years experience in customer service, but that’s all. i’m 23 and just graduated a month ago. thanks all 🙂

barry0912 answers:

Get off the internet.

Most people do not find jobs through the job web sites like monster etc.

I work as an adjuster. I have marketing reps with vendors (restoration companies, rental companies etc) that we use visit me often. There job is to try to get me to use them – instead of the other guy.

Sure, they post ads on the internet and in industry publications.

But they get my business, because they come into my office an meet me. They bring managment to my office to meet me. So that if I have a problem – I know the manager and can call them to get the problem solved. They get my business, not because of the internet ads, but because of the interpersonal relationship they take the time to develop with me.

All job hunting is … marketing. But instead of selling a service you are selling yourself.

So, if you are selling yourself… Why would you hang everything on the internet –, I don’t have marketing degree….but I doubt a sucessful marketing strategy relies only on 1 soure.

So, keep searching the internet and the sunday paper. Also search state and federal goverment web sites. Many communities have their own career finder website for local companies- search those.

Go meet and register with every employment agency you can. You can get some temp work – so the money will help. And many companies do not post job openings– but use temp agencies to screen potential employees.

Join the local Jaycees. Get to know people. Let them know you are looking for a job. Many people find jobs b/c they knew someone at the company. Develop a network.

Get involved in volunteer work. You may meet someone at that volunteer fundraiser that is a potential job connection. And, since you are not working – you have the time and it helps to build your resume. Pick something you are interested in and get involved. The only thing it will cost you is time– and you have that.

Let every friend and family member know you are looking for a job and are open to anything.

Don’t restrict yourself. There are way more marketing majors than marketing jobs. So, be willing to look at any job you qualify for. You may find that you end up in an industry that you never thought you would be in – but love.

Start sending out resumes and cover letters. Make sure there are no mistakes in either. They must be perfect or they get tossed.

Make sure to have a resume that applies to the job you are looking for. Don’t send a resume to an insurance company to apply for an adjusters position with an objective that says you are looking for a job in the marketing field.

Be sure that your resume stresses the experience/education that applies to that job.
An insurance company will want to see a 4 year college degree and good customer service skills, time management, organization. So, make sure your resume reflects those values. But this may not be what a marketing position wants — they may be more interested in your education.

If you don’t have experience in a specific field, you usually need a contact in the company. So really “network”. If the company has an opening, the fact that an employee recommended you will greatly increase your chance of getting an interview. It won’t get you the job (you still have to do that in the interview) but it will go a long way to getting you the interview.

I have a history degree. When I got out of college, I went to work as an assistant manager in a retail store. I had a family connection. I did that for a year and got some good customer service experince and a good dose of “grow up”. I then got on with a major insurance company. (Again, I had another family member that worked with that company in a different state). I was hired to work as an insurance adjuster.

I have been working as an adjuster for 12 years now. I’m in a profession where I can take care of myself and support a family. When I was in college – could I have told you this would be the profession I’d be in? No.

So, be open to any opportunity that presents itself and start developing and working your network. A company is not going to just show up at your door begging you to work for them… have to work hard and find that job.

Good Luck.

Mark asks…

Positions In Marketing?

Okay I’m currently working on my AA Degree in Business. But what I really want to get into is Marketing/Advertising. So far all I know about positions in Marketing is a Marketing Executive. Can anyone please tell me what are the positions in Marketing/Advertising starting from the bottom all the way to the top!!

barry0912 answers:

US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers

Advertising managers. Advertising managers direct a firm’s or group’s advertising and promotional campaign. They can be found in advertising agencies that put together advertising campaigns for clients, in media firms that sell advertising space or time, and in companies that advertise heavily. They work with sales staff and others to generate ideas for the campaign, oversee a creative staff that develops the advertising, and work with the finance department to prepare a budget and cost estimates for the campaign.

Marketing managers. Marketing managers work with advertising and promotion managers to promote the firm’s or organization’s products and services. With the help of lower level managers, including product development managers and market research managers, marketing managers estimate the demand for products and services offered by the firm and its competitors and identify potential markets for the firm’s products. .

Promotions managers. Promotions managers direct promotions programs that combine advertising with purchasing incentives to increase sales. Often, the programs are executed through the use of direct mail, inserts in newspapers, Internet advertisements, in-store displays, product endorsements, or other special events.

Public relations managers. Public relations managers plan and direct public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for the employer or client. For example, they might write press releases or sponsor corporate events to help maintain and improve the image and identity of the company or client.

In large organizations, public relations managers may supervise a staff of public relations specialists. (See the Handbook statement on public relations specialists.) They also work with advertising and marketing staffs to make sure that the advertising campaigns are compatible with the image the company or client is trying to portray. In addition, public relations managers may handle internal company communications, such as company newsletters, and may help financial managers produce company reports. They may assist company executives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintaining other forms of public contact; oversee company archives; and respond to requests for information. Some of these managers handle special events as well, such as the sponsorship of races, parties introducing new products, or other activities that the firm supports in order to gain public attention through the press without advertising directly.

Sales managers. Sales managers direct the distribution of the product or service to the customer. They assign sales territories, set sales goals, and establish training programs for the organization’s sales representatives. (See the Handbook statement on sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing).

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