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Lizzie asks…

46 yr old woman needs completely new direction in life – advice please?

I’m 46 – living in uk – divorced, kids grown up – i have a degree in international politics – have run my own business in the past, done finance & admin etc etc.

Right now im working in a small hotel, which i life very much – but the hours are insufficient – and really i’d like to start again somewhere else.

Ideally i’d like to work somewhere with live in accommodation – i don’t want to work in an office – but wouldn’t mind using some of my internet marketing knowledge to boost my income.

Working in a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere is important to me – hard work is fine – this could include, housework, working with animals, secretarial, online marketing, book-keeping, vat…

How much i’m paid isn’t too important (of course i don’t want to feel ripped off) – but i would like to just simplify my life a lot – hence the live inn requirements. A good working environment is very important to me – the nature of the work is less important.

I’m happy to stay here in uk – or go further afield,

My money is probably going to finally run out within the next 2-3 months – so i really need to get my skates on.

Any good suggestions please?

barry0912 answers:

On on eharmony or

George asks…

C3 – Collegiate Career coaching – Promoting Job Searching Services?

Collegiate Career Connection (C3)

We are C3: Career Consultants helping you create, develop, and transition from college life into your future career, whatever that might be. We’ve been there – either you have a degree you enjoy but can’t land that job, or have a degree you aren’t thrilled about and just want a starting job in something else. Or you might just be looking to find something in the middle, while you’re deciding what your “purpose” is. Our consultants include a young mid-20’s veteran in the internet marketing area that’s worked more than 9 years, and a tenured staffing director that has done career coaching and transition almost all his life.

Our goal is to make sure that right before you graduate, or even if you that new college grad that just started your career, you’re prepared, ready and most importantly HAPPY with what you are doing.

Areas of assistance can include but are not limited to:
· “What are you capable of?” – what skills and talents do you have to offer?
· Create and refine resume.
· Job Search Strategies and Tactics
· Using new web tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace)
· External Ideas for search (Clubs, Bars, Gym, Restaurants etc.)
· Interview Coaching at all levels and Support
· Offer Negotiation Skills Training and Support
· Ongoing, “on the job” career support – (why is it my VP said this? How come I’m being treated differently than that older guy?, how do I get a promotion and raise?)

We’re here to help and are willing to be flexible. Which means, you are our guests and the ones in charge. We want you to be the successful ones and will do everything in our power to ensure it.

For additional information, please contact:
Tim – – 1-650-224-0689
Abogi – – 408-368-0580.

barry0912 answers:

I am retired but will pass this info on to some of my friends who have college age children!!!

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