Your Questions About Title Max

Paul asks…

can title max have a warrant issued?

barry0912 answers:

Laws vary by state, so you will have to check with yours to see if they have any specific laws in place that affect the situation.

If you default in repayment and refuse to relinquish the vehicle they can have the court serve you a subpoena. You will have to be present in a court of law where a judge decides the appropriate course of action (if title max has lawfully upheld their responsibilities of the contract, you may be ordered to relinquish your vehicle). If you do not appear for your court date, a course may be automatically filed on the plaintiff’s (title max) side or you may have a warrant issued for your arrest (in violation of not obeying the court’s demand of your presence as described on the subpoena).

I hope it doesn’t come to that. Best of luck!

Lisa asks…

Can I Register My Car If I Have A Title Loan On It?

My car was never registered because it wouldn’t pass emissions, so i went tot title max and got a tile loan on my car so i can see whats wrong and fix it. But if i fix it and it passes emissions can i register the car even tho it has a title loan on the car and they have the title?

barry0912 answers:

Yes but the lien holder will have to be shown on the title and they will retain the original until the loan is paid off. R

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Your Questions About Title Insurance

Richard asks…

Is Title Insurance required for a private sale of a home?

We are refinancing our home (Long Island , New York) and and open permit showed up on the title from 60 years ago! This never came up when my parents bought the house in 1977, but it was a private sale. It also never came up in 2001 when the home was transferred over to me. I should also mention that we used the same lawyer for both transactions. I am wondering if title insurance is only required by mortgage banks or if it a legal requirement for any sale of a home.


barry0912 answers:

Title insurance is never required. I always get it, I have had to use it and it is dirt cheap.

However, this will now come up in any title search, which lenders will require.

You need to get it taken care of. It is just a permit, not a big deal. Whatever was built only has to pass an inspection by the code when it was issued.

Mark asks…

Anyone know about a class action in Texas regarding title insurance?

I have some rental properties in Texas and I have had to (over)pay for title insurance. I have always heard that a lot of kickbacks were paid by the title insurance companies to banks and mortgage brokers. Anybody else hear about this?

barry0912 answers:

I sure haven’t heard of it, and I would have noticed, I’d think, being in Texas myself.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Robert asks…

How can you earn money from internet market?

barry0912 answers:

There are many ways to make money on the internet (internet marketing, affiliate marketing). I’ll list some details for you here:

You can sell Amazon products to people looking for them. First you have to sign up for an amazon affiliate account. Then make your website which centers around your product you want to sell. Don’t combine too many products on one site – you want to narrow it down to say… “lamps, mens shoes, sporting goods, etc.”

You can do this same process with selling ebooks, or other items. CJ, or commission junction is a network of companies looking for affiliates to promote and sell their products and services. Anything from Tax Info to Kids Stuff. To apply for an account with them – I think you;ll need a good website already.

Hope this was helpful.

You can also join cpa (cost per action) networks and get leads or actions which pay you also. See my sig.


Maria asks…

how internet marketing workes?

website advertising,signup,selling necessary things

barry0912 answers:

Internet marketing is the best way to promote your website. No matter how small or new business you have..There company is the best in marketing! Http://

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing News

George asks…

Will you take my 5min survey on local TV news?

We’re students doing a market research project on local news viewing habits.
Survey is fast and easy – it would really help us out!

barry0912 answers:

Ok, I have. Hope this helped. It took less than 5 minutes and I actually enjoyed completing this. Conclusion in my case is that I follow the news more on TV (and radio) and somewhat less via the Internet.

Ken asks…

please give us ideas for an article about ANYTHING in the Wolrd! ANYTHING! just an article for a student news?


barry0912 answers:


when it comes to your internet marketing campaign, the net is full of potential snags. Emerge unscathed by avoiding these 7 deadly sins
Entrepreneur, Jan, 2006 by Catherine Seda
THE INTERNET is always in motion. That’s both good news and bad news: You can immediately change your online marketing campaigns to produce better results, but your results can also take a nose dive if you’re not paying attention. Protect your campaigns from these costly mistakes:

1. LOSING AD TRACKING CODE: If a previously profitable ad campaign tanks, find out if your site pages embedded with ad tracking code have been accidentally replaced. Remind your web team to download site pages from the server before working on them.

2. FALLING TO REMOVE OUTDATED OFFERS: Keep track of your special promotions so you can replace the copy on any online campaign you’re running as well as the ad’s corresponding landing page.

3. MISSING DEFERRED ACTIONS: Not all prospects click on your ad and take action right away. Set your cookie length or your ad tracking solution’s settings for a minimum of 30 days to properly credit marketing sources.

4. IGNORING SUSPICIOUS CLICKS: Study the log files in your traffic reports if you notice a sudden spike from your pay-per-click campaigns. You might need to fix your campaigns, remind team members not to click your ads, or address competitors engaging in click fraud.

5. FORGETTING TO MONITOR COMPETITORS: When competitors change their offers, yours may no longer be compelling. Watch your marketing space to respond quickly with your own new promotions and maintain your lead flow.

6. NOT OPTIMIZING OFFERS: Stop running the same marketing message! Improve your campaign performance and reach new customers by continuously testing innovative offers. You’ll also maintain your competitive edge.

7. OVERLOOKING YOUR CONVERSION RATES: A tiny increase in your website conversion rate can make your revenue and profits skyrocket, so don’t focus exclusively on your marketing campaigns. Your site also plays a critical role in your marketing performance.

In your quest to grow your business by using internet marketing, respond to any warning signs, and maximize your current campaigns before you initiate new ones. You’ll improve your bottom line without spending a dime.

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Company

Michael asks…

Internet business?

What would be a good internet business worth starting?

In a place where there seems to be everything already, what needs or services (moral) could still be provided?

barry0912 answers:

One of the most common mistakes of beginners who want to start internet marketing is, they think that they need to learn more before they really start the business. It is true that there is a lot to learn! But unless you really start working, you will never get a chance to learn.

The Basics of Affiliate Business

An affiliate marketing business is about promoting (or recommending) someone else’s product(s) and earning commission on the sales.

The person/company, to whom the product belongs to, is called ‘the Merchant’ and ‘an affiliate’ is the one who promotes the product(s).

The process involved in recommending, selling the products, tracking the sales and paying/getting paid is called ‘the Affiliate Program’.

Your part as an affiliate is very simple. You have no commitment of selling and no targets. No investment, no convincing or no canvassing on your part. Your job is just to spread the word around, and send as many visitors (prospects) as possible to the merchant’s website. Then just wait for your commission.

Most of the merchants pay you per sale basis. Some pay you per lead basis and some of them pay per click basis (a ‘lead’ is generated when a visitor registers with the merchant or asks for some information, usually without making any payment, and when a visitor clicks on the link you provided and reaches the website of the merchant, a ‘click’ is achieved).

Let’s assume that you have put-in considerable amount of effort to send visitors to the merchant’s website. How will you know whether your visitors reached the merchant’s website? And when they reached, whether they bought the product(s)?

This process is called ‘tracking’. Tracking is normally done by the merchants either by installing their own ‘affiliate tracking software’ on their website or by subscribing to a company who provide ‘affiliate tracking services’.

There are few methods to track a sale (or action). The common method is to save a small file called a ‘cookie’ (with your ‘affiliate id’ in it), in the computer of the visitor. And from that time onwards, whatever action he/she takes (like registering or buying) is tracked and accordingly the agreed commission is credited to your account.

The ‘affiliate tracking companies’ (Affiliate Program Providers or APP’s) provide a common platform and help the merchants to find ‘qualified affiliates’ and the affiliates to find ‘honest merchants’.

To start promoting a merchant’s product(s), you need to register directly with a merchant, if they have their own software or with an ‘affiliate tracking company’. If you are registering with a tracking company, you can then find suitable products and merchants and then promote them.

When a desired (or agreed) action has taken place (a click or lead or sale), you will be credited the agreed amount and will be paid (by the tracking company or by the merchant if you registered directly with them) when you have accumulated the minimum payable amount (as agreed).

Lizzie asks…

How have computers influenced marketing and sales through the internet?

Please help!

barry0912 answers:

The internet would not exist without computers. The internet has expanded venues of companies to market their products with little up front costs. It has enabled those starting out to market products without the large start up costs associated with a store front.

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Your Questions About Title Insurance

Steven asks…

How do you change a property deed and how does it effect title insurance?


I purchased a piece of land last year in my name. Now my husband and I are going to get a loan to build a house on this land. If the loan is joint does his name need to be on the deed? And if so, how does it effect title insurance and how do I go about making this adjustments in a timely fashion?

barry0912 answers:

The simplest approach to this, is to re-deed the property as part of the closing process. I am not sure which state you live in, so title insurance may be optional in your State, but I will assume that you are going to re-insure.

If you wish to purchase title insurance, your title agent will perform a title search. Tell him/her immediately, if you plan to add your husband to the deed, or if you intend to retain sole ownership. In most states, you can do either. Your lender may have specific requirements, and you must let the lender decide what he/she wants to happen. If this is your husband’s homestead (if this is his primary residence) it is likely that your lender will demand that your husband take title jointly with you. You can do this even if your lender does not require this.

At closing, your title agent or closer will have you execute what is called a quit claim. What this means is that you quit claim to your property as an individual, and sign the property over to yourself, and to your husband as having joint ownership. The likely wording on the new deed will be Mrs. X and Mr. X as having joint ownership. This will mean that your husband now has joint ownership of the property, and all legal rights which are attached to it. That means that the property cannot be sold or refinanced without his consent. The title agent will then record the quit claim deed, immediately followed by the new mortgage and any other recordable documents. From then on, you and your husband will own the property jointly, and will be equally responsible for the Mortgage.

Now, to the question of title insurance. This action will have zero affect on title insurance. You will be issued a new policy which covers the time between the issue date of the original title policy and the recording date of the new policy. Your name will appear on the new title policy exactly how it is shown on the deed and mortgage. You will have to pay for a new title policy, as your previous policy will not cover anything that has happened after your purchase or previous refinance.

Daniel asks…

Which company deals with indemnity title insurance for remortgaging?

I want to remortgage my property and have been given an offer by a lender, however I can’t complete without indemnity title insurance.
Norwich Union no longer does title insurance due to the credit crunch, is there anyone else who can help me?

barry0912 answers:

Call a couple of escrow companies. They should know who does title insurance.

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